• Interviews
    Julia Fitzgerald Talks The Fab 15 and Rico Rodriguez

    The holidays can be a confusing time for parents looking to buy the perfect gifts for the...

  • Books
    Destined – A House of Night Novel: Exclusive Giveaway!

    BSCkids is excited to offer a giveaway of the next installment in one of the hottest new...

  • Reviews
    When Tiny Birds Attack! – “Instinct” Terra Nova Review

    This week’s episode of Terra Nova, called “Instinct” aired on October 3rd, 2011. I don’t know if this...

  • Reviews
    Dinosaurs Are Going To Eat Someone – Terra Nova Review

    Terra Nova is the new sci-fi show that premiered on Fox. It premiered on September 26, 2011 with a two-hour episode called “Genesis Part 1 & 2”. The show is executive produced by Steven Spielberg. Firstly, I have to say, this show has so much potential that I was a little bit disappointed...

  • Electronics
    Keep Your Families Safe With The SafeSpace & Key Safe Giveaway

    With the fall season here and big holidays around the corner, BSCkids is excited to give you the chance to win a new item to help keep you and your family safe this holiday season. Studies show that 4 out of every 5 students participate in some extracurricular activity outside of their...

  • Interviews
    Jenny and Ashley Talk “Indescribable” and Inspirations

    BSCkids got the chance to interview rising country/pop stars, Jenny And Ashley as they release their video...

  • Reviews
    iCarly Episode Review – “iLove You”

    By the way, I love that she has a huge pretzel for lunch. This week’s episode aired on September 24th and dealt with the growing tension between Sam and Freddie and also a new relationship begins with Spencer and his ex-babysitter. The episode begins with the trio at school where it is...

  • Music
    Greyson Chance Performs “Hard To Handle” On Raising Hope

    On September 20th, Raising Hope premiered its season 2 on Fox with one surprise. Talented singer and musician Greyson Chance made a quest appearance. Greyson portrayed Jimmy Chance when he was a 13 year old musical prodigy in flashbacks and family videos before getting hit with a gold club. Along with his musical...

  • Books
    Glow YA Book Exclusive Giveaway!

    BSCkids is excited to offer an exclusive giveaway of a copy of the audio book of the hottest young adult books of the year, Glow, written by Amy Kathleen Ryan. The book is trending as one of the hottest books of the year, receiving rave reviews by critics and It-Girl model, Kendall...

  • Interviews
    Backstreet Boy Howie D Talks Solo Album – Interview

    BSCkids recently got the amazing opportunity to interview Backstreet Boy, Howie D (full name Howard Dwaine Dorough)as...

  • Reviews
    Wizards of Waverly Place – “Alex the Puppet Master” Review

    So this week I watched the new episode of Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place. The episode, called “Alex the Puppet Master” aired on September 16th and centered on Alex and Harper in the middle of a fight about an apartment. The episode begins with Alex and Harper announcing they were ready to...

  • Interviews
    Jake Short Talks A.N.T. Farm – Exclusive Interview

    BSCkids got the opportunity to interview actor, Jake Short. You can see Jake starring on the Disney channel show, A.N.T. Farm. He spoke about being a young actor, A.N.T. Farm and Selena Gomez. After starring in several nationally recognized commercials, Jake began doing guest appearances on shows such as “Dexter” and “Zeke...

  • Interviews
    Junior Doctor Talks New Video and Cassie Steele of Degrassi

    BSCkids recently got the chance to interview the band, Junior Doctor. They recently released their music video for the song, “Uh Oh” from the album Clumsy Words and Bad Pick Up Lines. Junior Doctor, a band from Cocoa Beach, Florida, is making a name for themselves in the music world. With great...

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