What’s In My Attic

What’s In My Attic was an idea that we have had for a while. It will be a great way to clean up the attic so that we can finally put a room up there, as well as making it easier to find stuff when we need it. Recently, we were looking for something that we know we have, but just couldn’t find. We will pack up a few boxes each month and make sure to document the process so that way in the future, the kids will have an idea what all the stuff is that we saved. We will see how this goes, and hopefully it is a fun journey for everyone.

What you can expect to find… Toys, video games, posters, books, clothes, shoes, all sort of fun things that span from the 1970s to 2010 or so. These are things from my childhood as well as my kid’s childhood, as we tried to save most of our stuff. Now have some things been sold and lost in the moves, unfortunately yes. If we could have our comic book collection back, that we sold for our first car we would do it in a minute, so alas some things are just gone. We have tried to save as much as we can though, and you will get to see it. The moves are from my childhood home in NJ, to a house in NC, then to a house we build in the same area in NC. When we moved out of NJ we just threw things in boxes, we just didn’t have much time and there was a huge snowstorm during our move. We think that we can probably condense everything down to at least 1/2 the current footprint we have. We were able to do some really cool gifts from all the things we have saved from our kids as well so stay tuned for that as well. There will be outtakes, there will be videos from things in the closets and the garage as well.

Our plan is to find boxes, label them, put all the items in a searchable Google Sheet and then move on. We will learn things along the way and hopefully won’t have to buy too many new boxes. Our goal is to use stackable banana boxes whenever we can.

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