BSCKids Team

Meet the BSCkids Teams! To find out more about us, please visit our About Us page.

Damon Cap (editor) Three kids two boys and 1 little baby girl, we have completed the set. I had a grandfather that watched cartoons and read the Sunday funnies until he passed. I feel the same way and continue to watch the Disney channel in my 40s. One of the owners at Contact at

Jocelin Cap (editor) is a mother of three and wife of Damon Cap. The hardest one to care for is my husband!  That does not include the 1 dog either! We have a full household of fun.

Jay Tomio (editor) loved being a kid and wants to make sure everybody else does. He is a co-owner of BSCkids and its parent site

Sarah Sommer – Sarah is part of the marketing and social media team for BSCkids and also their sister site, She can also be considered an assistant to everyone who needs it! She is an artist and movie fan. She reads early and often and lives in the city. Sarah also handles interviews, contests, and the New Music Artist feature. You can contact her here for more information about hosting a contest, interviews, or including an artist in the feature.

Ella Anders – She loves cartoons and will tell you all about them. She knows more about what will be upcoming in the cartoon game than my kids do.

Patricia S – Geek Girl article writer that brings us her thoughts about living in the world as a geek!

Sandra Stelmach – News writer for the site (Retired)

Laura Badmone – Laura will be able to tell you about the best of lists, what you should be watching and stuff like that. One of our article writers.

Deigo Bryant – Handles our NYCC articles for the site

Lainey DeeKay – New mother and will write about news items or an article about her adventures as a mother. (Retired)

Donatella Pignati – A younger (well than us) writer and friend of the family, just finished being a teenager

Marisa Natalicchio – The youngest writer and part of the family, expect her to talk about all the new teenage shows on the Disney Channels and Nickelodeon.

Jenny Justus – Covers the social media news that shows up on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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