Miscellaneous Interviews

Sometimes we interview people who don’t quite fit into the “television/movie” section or the “music” section. From charity organizers to authors to app creators, we interview many different people who do great things. So, we gave them their own Miscellaneous section and it is equally as cool as those other sections.

Alyson Noel

Kate Milford

Adam Rex

Douglas Christie, Jr

Catherine Jinks

Eric Nylund

Doug Brochu

So Random! Star, Doug Brochu Talks Joining Forces Initiative

David Lubar

Video Interview from Book Expo America 2010

Greg Taylor

Greg Taylor (Killer Pizza series)

Julie Fitzgerald

Julia Fitzgerald Talks The Fab 15 and Rico Rodriguez

Jeffrey Poehlmann

Jeffrey Poehlmann (Those Amazing Dogs series)

Nick Bruel

Talking Bad Kitty For President

Savanah Wiltfong

Savanah Wiltfong – Dear Lemon Lima

Tori Vance

Miss Teen Arizona Tori Vance Has An Important Message For Teens

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