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This one’s for the kids! BSCkids is a portion of the BSC Empire for parents and kids to have a spot on the web where the former can be sure that the latter is at a venue just for them. That doesn’t mean there’s not anything here for older crowds, it just means that anything of that nature would be All-Ages in nature (to the best of our ability and discretion). Think Jeff Smith’s Bone comic or Pixar films as examples.  At the same time think Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato among others, and all shows that are Disney and Nickelodeon.  We look at items from a parent’s angle for the babies and from a fan’s angle when they get a bit older.

BSCkids is a sister site of Boomtron.com, and developed by the owners to provide a venue for all things kids and entertainment: film, television, books, music, gaming, comics, toys and kid-celebrity news, commentary, interviews, recaps and special features, including guest spots and roundtable discussions. BSCkids is the daily one-stop-site for kids Our network reaches 1 million viewers each and every month.

BSCkids – like Boomtron – is a GoogleNews site.

Because of the established reach of our sister site, we have access to many different types of assets to present here at BSCKids,but we are always looking to expand and welcome any queries. If you have something you want us to take a look at (review), want to participate yourself (guest posts), have some news to pass along, or anything else please contact us at admin@bsckids.com or call us at 201-213-8785. You can also contact Sarah at sarah@boomtron.com for giveaways, interviews, or for participation in the New Artist Feature.

BSCkids.com has grown over 200% in the past year and we continue to do over 400,000 page views a month as we continue our growth each and every month.  We get to attend many trade shows and events in the New York area including but not limited to ENK International, Fancy Food Show, New York Comic Con, New York International Gift Fair, and the Toy Fair.  We also attend company events when time permits.

You can click the link to see a list of our contributors.

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