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  • Education
    First Spark kids PC from Toshiba and Best Buy – Review

    Some companies would be satisfied to throw a shiny shell on an underpowered laptop, give it a lower price point, and label it a kids’ machine. Not so with the First Spark kids PC line Toshiba L635, which is available only at Best Buy. I know my computers, yet at the same...

  • TV Shows
    Demi Lovato with Bunny Ella

    Demi Lovato tweeted a picture of her with her Bunny who is named Ella and so very cute.  The question is in this picture who is really cuter the bunny or Demi? Me and my bunny Ella http://twitpic.com/2zm7v9 I love when we can get real pictures of stars and get a little...

  • TV Shows
    Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana – I’ll Always Remember You – Promo Pictures

    We could create a flip book and see the whole episode of I’ll Always Remember you Hanna Montana Forever on the Disney Channel with Miley Cyrus based on the amount of promo pictures that are available.  Few things to note here, I love the fact that Jay Leno and Dr. Phil are on...

  • Toys And Games
    Sleepover Sassy Saks by Douglas Company Product Highlight

    I first found out about this product through a Douglas Press Release and I knew I had to get my hands on one.  You know I am already a fan of the Douglas Company because they make such high quality products that are also cool and hip.  Well, the Sassy Sak that we...

  • Books
    I Threw Up Mama but Don’t Call the Doctor by Christopher

    Look at what my kid wrote! This was one of those posts that I kept wanting to share with the readers of the site because I thought it was quite funny.  This was written and drawn by my older son Christopher who was in Kindergarten (last year) at the time.  On the...

  • Electronics
    Speck iPod – iPhone – iPad Case Giveaway

    Speck has been kind enough to give away 5 cases, any case of your choice for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Winner can pick the product (aka, Fitted for iPad, SeeThru for iPhone3GS, etc) and the color/pattern will vary. You will not be able to select a case that is limited...

  • Reviews
    Rokenbok – Review

    I had a toy when I was younger that I loved. It had a dumptruck bulldozer, and it was on a gray track, and it would pick up these little black balls to simulate coal.  It was one of my favorites, and I would always ask my parents to set up the track...

  • Fashion
    Selena Gomez Dream Out Loud Billboards in NYC

    On our way to New York Comic Con we witnessed our first in person view of the Selena Gomez Dream Out Loud Billboards that were outside Penn Station.  I have to say I was pretty impressed by the fact that they had two of them so close together and in that high...

  • Books
    Maclaren Triumph Stroller Goes to Universal Studios

    Make sure to catch up on our first in depth review of the 2010 Maclaren Triumph Stroller from earlier this summer.  It was now on to a trip to Universal Studios Orlando, where the Maclaren Triumph would be tackling the Islands of Adventure (which includes The Wizarding World of Harry Potter) as well...

  • Toys And Games
    Order’s Up! – Gamewright – Review

    This was one of those games we have been waiting for with anticipation since Toy Fair 2010.  My wife put a whipping on me when we demoed the game while at the show, I needed some payback, and I would get my chance.  I also played with my 4- and 6-year-old, as I knew the...

  • Toys And Games
    BabyLegs – Review

    While at this year’s NYIGF, my family was introduced to BabyLegs.  Kudos to their marketing people for being so friendly and informative on the product:  they made us fans before we even got a chance to bring it home. We had the opportunity to see many different designs and patterns for the...

  • TV Shows
    Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana – Been Here All Along – Promo Pictures

    There are a ton of promo pictures for the Hannah Montana Been Here All Along Disney Channel episode with Miley Cyrus.  Make sure you check out all the pages of them below.  I think it is great to see the show honoring military families and we also get two new Hannah Montana songs...

  • TV Shows
    Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana Forever – Love That Let’s Go – Promo Pictures

    Some new pictures of Miley Cyrus and the cast of Hannah Montana Forever in the new episode Love That Let’s Go.  It seems that Lilly finally rides Miley’s horse Blue Jeans, but while on the ride he horse gets hurt after being bitten by a snake.  Based on the pictures it seems...

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