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  • Toys And Games
    Chicco – Toy Fair 2010

    Chicco was one of the last walk-throughs that we did when we went to Toy Fair, so I may have missed a few things. What I wanted to do is touch on some of the items that they were showing that caught my eye. Chicco is a well known name in gear...

  • Toys And Games
    Loopz Game – Mattel – Toy Fair 2010

    Loopz is a slick updated version of Simon Says and is one of the games at Toy Fair I wish I had the opportunity to actually play a full game of.  You use your hands and motion them through the rings to activate the sensors to play.  I was only able to watch...

  • Toys And Games
    Hot Wheels R/C Stealth Rides – Mattel – Toy Fair 2010

    BSCKids got the invite to have a tour of the new products coming from Mattel and I wanted to let everyone know the toy that I am most excited about.  It is the Hot Wheel R/C Stealth Rides.  As it is I have gone through small R/C car after car with my...

  • Toys And Games
    Toy Fair 2010 – TIA – Coverage

    I have just returned from Day One at the Toy Fair in the Jacob K. Javits and it was amazing.  Even after NY Comic Con and Book Expo America I was not prepared for what the Toy Fair had to offer.  You have to remember for NYCC and BEA I might not...

  • TV Shows
    My Life As Liz, who watched it?

    Last night My Life as Liz premiered last night on Mtv, who watched it?  I think it is an interesting take on popular life in high school.  Here is the summary from episode 1 so that you can get a feel of what the show is about. Liz’s dream of taking her senior...

  • Interviews
    Derek Richardson Interview – Prep and Landing

    While it is always nice to watch the re-runs of holiday specials from years past, this year we got something new and different from ABC and Disney.  BSCkids is proud to present an interview with Derek Richardson where we talk about the new ABC holiday special Prep & Landing as well as...

  • Reviews
    Disney’s Prep & Landing – review

    leadDisney does their first original holiday special for ABC, Prep & Landing. It was a week late as the president of the United States pushed it back due to his talk on most major networks, but we are still early in the holiday...

  • Books
    ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas – Day 5

    Harry-Potter-COS-POAHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban are on tonight and we are full into the ABC Family annual holiday marathon of Harry Potter. So I learn a bit after actually reading the press release...

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