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  • Books
    Justin Bieber gets cover of todateen magazine

    Justin Bieber gets the cover of the Brazilian magazine todateen for the August 2010 issue.  Even though I have some trouble with reading the cover it seems that we have some Justin Bieber, Kristen Stewart as well as some stars from other countries like Luan Santana who seems like a singer. Do...

  • TV Shows
    Hannah Montana talks to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show

    That is right we said Hannah Montana not Miley Cyrus.  While everyone knew that Jay Leno would be making a guest appearance on Hannah Montana Forever on the Disney Channel, not much else was known about his role.  Well now it seems that DisneyInfoNet has the scoop. Miley Cyrus will be playing...

  • Toys And Games
    Fuzzles from Douglas Company – Preview

    I must have missed these at the New York Toy Fair, but to say I was a bit overwhelmed was an understatement.  Now Douglas has created Fuzzles in three different sizes.  The original size now has two friends, one larger at 16 inches and a keychain 6 inch size as well.  I agree...

  • TV Shows
    Joe Jonas talks acting after Camp Rock 2

      Joe Jonas got a chance to talk to TVguide about his acting career outside of the Disney work he is doing.  It was a bit surprising on what sort of roles Joe would like to do in the future.  I guess where you are already a hit music and television actor...

  • Food
    2010 Summer Fancy Food Show – A Link Back

    I am starting to learn my lesson:  these shows at the Javits Center are huge!  I figured since my wife is doing the short write-ups on the products we sampled, I would do my own overview.  Forget about the grandious plans I had on tasting all the food for the BSCkids write-up...

  • Toys And Games
    Silly Bandz Video Game Coming along with Marvel Avengers Silly Bandz

    I have not seen my kids wearing their Silly Bandz in a few days, but I know they are still attached to them.  Especially when they find out about Marvel Avengers Silly Bandz which were just announced.  The Silly Bandz Marvel Avengers! The pack includes four Iron Man, Spider Man, Wolverine, Captain...

  • Books
    Justin Bieber – Miley Cyrus – Selena Gomez in 20 under 20

    There is a new teen magazine on the racks and it is called 20 Under 20.  Seems that it arrived in June but this is the first I am hearing about it.  Shame on your marketing people.  The first issue has Justin Bieber on the cover with Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus...

  • Books
    Brenda Song – Debby Ryan – Moises Arias – Joe Jonas – Friends for Change

    I like the fact that Disney’s Friends for Change brings serious environmental issues to the people that can change the future, the kids. In this video Brenda Song along with Debby Ryan, Moises Arias, and Joe Jonas talk about how you can make a difference and the Oil Spill. Brenda Song really...

  • Books
    Selena Gomez gets Girls Life Cover

    Selena Gomez has been very busy but she took some time out to chat with Girls Life Magazine as well as make the cover of the issue.  Inside the magazine you get Selena talking about Joey and Joey talking about Selena in the Ramona and Beezus promotion piece.  Ther eis a piece...

  • Books
    Justin Bieber Comic Book from Bluewater Comics

    Justin Bieber is getting the comic book treatment from Bluewater Comics. He will join Lady Gaga, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, David Beckham, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Swift in the Fame line of books.  As all of the Fame line of comic books this book will detail Justin Bieber’s life story. How did the...

  • Music
    America’s Got Talent – Round and Round Performance

      Selena Gomez & The Scene performed on America’s Got Talent last night and did their song Round and Round which is one of my favorites. I think Selena rocked the performace and her makeup was great, but that dress and shoes looked like they were pretty ahrd to move around around...

  • Reviews
    Loopz by Mattel – Review

    I originally saw this game at the 2010 Toy Fair, and it was interesting to me then.  Now that I actually have it in my possession, I can tell you it is pretty awesome!  It does a lot more than I had originally thought, and my 6-year-old, given the choice, would rather...

  • Reviews
    First Toddle – Review

    I owe First Toddle an apology, as I received this as a product to review eons ago.  My wife wrote about it after Toy Fair after seeing it at the show.  I think I personally forgot how long it was going to take my baby to get to 3 months old, as silly...

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