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    New Blue’s Clues & You! Movie, Specials And MUCH More

    Blue’s Clues is going to be celebrating 25 years of wonderful television and entertainment with a new movie titled Blue’s Clues & You! that will start production soon, but that is only the tip of the iceberg in what we will be seeing next year. For everyone that just wants a nice...

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    That Girl Lay Lay On Nickelodeon Has A Cast

    We knew a bit about the new That Girl Lay Lay show that was coming later this year to Nickelodeon, but now we have that cast info and it is going to be great. Alaya “That Girl Lay Lay” High – “Lay Lay” Gabrielle Nevaeh Green – “Sadie” Peyton Perrine III –...

  • Animated Shows
    Middlemost Post Is Almost Ready To Deliver

    Middlemost Post is coming to Nickelodeon on July 9th and we now have a trailer to go along with the information about the show as it kicks off. This show has a very SpongeBob feel to it and that is fine by us as we get introduced to Parker J. Cloud, Angus...

  • Culture
    Nickelodeon Nick News: Kids, Immigration And Equality This Week

    Nickelodeon is bringing us another Nick News segment this week that will feature appearances from J Balvin, Samantha Bee, Padma Lakshmi, Nancy Pelosi and Ben Simmons, among others as we hear stories of young people and their families around personal immigration stories. This is another great idea for Nick News and it...

  • Animated Shows
    The Patrick Star Show – More Info

    July will bring us the spinoff we have all been waiting for in the Spongebob Universe and that is The Patrick Star Show will all of favorites and some members of Patrick’s family as well. The show will follow a younger Patrick as he hosts a fun show while living with his...

  • Animated Shows
    The BeatBuds, Let’s Jam! On Nickelodeon Almost Here

    The BeatBuds, Let’s Jam! will have its series premiere on Monday, June 7th on Nickelodeon and we have some more information on what to expect. The series premiere is going to give us two episodes, “Hello BeatBuddies” and “The Silly Monkey,” as we get introduced to Jonny and Matty (The BeatBuds) as...

  • Animated Shows
    Rugrats Revival Hits Paramount +

    Just what more can you do with Rugrats? This was the first statement that came to mind when it was announced that a new animated revival of Nickelodeon’s staple animated series Rugratswas first announced. Over the years we have seen an endless array of beloved series return to our screens. We have...

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    Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan New Season Almost Here

    We will get the new season two premiere of Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan on June 12th and we are excited to see what is store for Dylan in the new season. From what we know Dylan Gilmer is getting ready to return to Chicago with his mother, but plans change and there...

  • TV Shows
    Danger Force “Captain Man Strikes Out” To Bring The Newness

    Danger Force is back with a new episode “Captain Man Strikes Out” on Saturday, June 12th where Captain Man goes on strike. It seems that Captain Man is refusing to pay for some art he destroyed while on a mission and the Vice-Mayor is going to hire a new hero to defend...

  • TV Shows
    The Barbarian And The Troll – “Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me a Map” – Exclusive Clip

    The Barbarian And The Troll is our favorite new show of the season and we are thrilled to be able to bring you an exclusive clip from the upcoming episode titled “Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me a Map” which will air this week. The Barbarian And The Troll pretty much has everything you...

  • Animated Shows
    The BeatBuds, Let’s Jam! Coming To Nicklodeon

    The BeatBuds, Let’s Jam! is coming to Nickelodeon on June 7th with 10 episodes. The show will follow Jonny and Matty as they travel to The BeatBASH concert. The clip shows them merging adventure and catchy songs all wrapped up in a educationally based animated package. We were able to see a...

  • TV Shows
    Nick News: Kids and the Impact of Climate Change With Rob Gronkowski, Lily Collins, Liza Koshy, Skai Jackson

    Nick News is back with Nick News: Kids and the Impact of Climate Change with U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry as well as some celebrity guests that include Rob Gronkowski, Lily Collins, Liza Koshy, Skai Jackson and more. This hour-long special will be hosted by CBS News Correspondent Jamie...

  • Animated Shows
    The Hamster Show Coming To Nickelodeon

    The Hamster Show, or whatever new title they may decide on, will be coming to Nickelodeon for the younger crowd and it seems like a great idea. While we have not seen any artwork from this 2D animated upcoming show, we do know a bit about the show itself. **NEW** The Hamster...

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