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    Brat TV’s “Charmers” Meet The Cast – Exclusive Interviews

    Brat TV’s, “Charmers” series premieres today exclusively on the Brat TV YouTube Channel and we were lucky enough to be able to talk to some of the stars on the show, Brooklyn Queen, Indi Star, and Brat TV alum Sophie Fergi all about “Charmers” and their careers. They are all so interesting...

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    Sophie Michelle Talks Stage Fright And More – Exclusive Interview

    Sophie Michelle is starring in a new Brat TV series, Stage Fright and she is absolutely killing it. Sophie is at least a triple threat with acting, music, and content creation and we got the chance to talk to her about the series and her career. We would love to introduce you...

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    Amelie Anstett Talks Chicken Girls – Exclusive Interview

    Amelie Anstett talks with BSCKids about her role on Chicken Girls (Brat TV) as well as her modeling work and her dance career. She is such a delight and we loved to hear all of her answers, especially that there is more Justin Bieber in there than we would have thought. Palm...

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