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Marty is a freelance writer who enjoys all things related to sci-fi, fantasy, and horror... with a strong interest in super heroes, too (just so they don't feel left out).

  • Movies
    Selena Gomez Says No Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie 2

    There’s some bad news for fans of Wizards of Waverly Place as Disney Infonet brings word that a second movie isn’t going to be happening, and the info is probably accurate because it comes from Selena Gomez. It’s a pretty safe bet that she would know what’s going on. The bomb came...

  • Music
    Rebecca Black Repeats Interest in Justin Bieber; Adds Selena Gomez

    Just in case you missed it the first time, Rebecca Black really likes Justin Bieber. She’s also is still very interested in doing a collaboration with the Canadian superstar, and while Beliebers might be offended by comparisons made between her and the Biebster, Rebecca puts a more optimistic spin on in. “I...

  • Music
    Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus Collab Coming?

    Selena Gomez went on Twitter on the 6th and tweeted, “Loving, learning and growing with @Rock_Mafia …. Next single is coming…. 🙂” The link goes to the pic posted above. Is it a possible sign that Selena and Miley might be teaming up in the future, or could it just be...

  • Movies
    Taylor Swift Dating Garrett Hedlund ?

    Taylor Swift is apparently looking for material for future albums because the social butterfly of country music seems to be getting around, according to the latest from Cambio. Swift, who has been linked in the past to Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, and Glee’s Chord Overstreet, was seen having dinner with...

  • Movies
    Robert Pattinson Not Thrilled About Leaked Twilight Breaking Dawn Photos

    Twihards are insatiable when it comes to finding out the latest scoop and checking out the newest photos from the upcoming Breaking Dawn movies, and Cambio recently discovered that Robert Pattinson isn’t happy about leaked photos being plastered all over the web. While talking with MTV News, RPatzz said, “It’s just ridiculous....

  • Movies
    Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber part of Top 10 Role Models of 2011

    Just in case you didn’t know whom you should be admiring, came out with their list of Top 10 Role Models of 2011, so ignore your own thoughts and listen up to what they have to say. The list seems to have been compiled with a very simple formula – famous...

  • Music
    Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato One in the Same?

    Fan of Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez were heartbroken when the BFF’s seemed to call it quits almost a year ago, when Demi appeared to lash out at Selena in an interview with Girl’s Life magazine. In addition to making a remark about “true friends don’t let their friends or family be...

  • Music
    Selena Gomez Dodges Justin Bieber with David Letterman

    Selena Gomez appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman on Wednesday, and the clip from Popstar Online shows that not even he can break through that invisible cone of silence. Letterman himself points out, “this isn’t my first rodeo,” and his comical light-handed manner has occasionally drawn out information where more...

  • Movies
    Justin Bieber Shares Why He Likes Selena and Advice From Robert Pattinson

    There are probably over a hundred reasons why someone would like Selena Gomez, but people have been wondering why Justin likes her since they went public on Oscar night. Justin shared his thoughts during an interview with UK People, “It’s so important that a girl makes me laugh. I like to mess...

  • Movies
    Kristen Stewart Becomes Fairest One of All as Snow White

    The rumors have been flying all over the web since Snow White and the Huntsman was first mentioned, and the studio has been countering for almost the same amount of time that they were looking for a fresh face for the fairy tale character, but Cambio brings word that my greatest nightmare...

  • Movies
    Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Caught Kissing

    There’s no secrecy here as PopStar Online reveals a video clip of Justin and Selena tossing shyness out the window and kissing while surrounded by tons of people and about a million cameras aimed their way. It was Oscar night at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party and the Biebster was right on...

  • Music
    Charice Beats Justin Bieber for Best New Artist

    Yep! You read it right. The Biebster has finally met his match, according to, because Charice walked home with the J-Wave Mcdonald’s Tokio Hot 100 award for Best New Artist on February 24th. I knew Justin was making a mistake in not appearing on Glee. The Biebster got no J-Wave love...

  • Books
    13 Reasons Why for Selena Gomez

    The Jay Asher novel 13 Reasons Why is being adapted for the screen by Universal Pictures and Strike Entertainment, and there was apparently no doubt in their minds as to who should star in the movie. OceanUp brings word that the movie, which is being produced by Eric Newman, Marx Abraham and...

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