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    Off-White Collaboration With Monster High Raven Rhapsody Doll

    Mattel has released the third doll in the four-doll collaboration with Off-White™, Raven Rhapsody in a colorblocked...

  • Animated Shows
    Monster High The Animated Series 2022 On Nickelodeon

    Monster High is hot hot hot with a new animated series coming to Nickelodeon on Friday, October 28th as a comedy-adventure series with 26 episodes. A clip of the show has now been revealed and we are really digging the animation, the coloring is so well done and gives it a great...

  • Animated Shows
    Monster High Animated Series Voice Cast Announced! Gabrielle Nevaeh Green As Clawdeen

    Remember that gem of information about the new Monster High Animated Series that was just released. Well now there is breaking news on the voice cast as we get Gabrielle Nevaeh Green, Courtney Lin, Iris Menas, Tony Revolori, Kausar Mohammed, Valeria Rodriguez, Alexa Kahn, Alexander Polinsky, and Debra Wilson starring as the...

  • Animated Shows
    Monster High New Animated Series

    We have a lot of hype with the upcoming live action Monster High, but not to be lost in the information is that a new animated series will be appearing later this year on Nickelodeon. It is great that a new generation of kids are going to get to see the animated...

  • Animated Shows
    Fright Back! Monster High Haunts Back

    It definitely feels like forever since we got any major news that was this thrilling. And does it feel great. By this point it’s safe to assume that reboots, remakes or whatever you want to call them are seemingly indefinite and permanent regardless if we love them or hate them. Time has...

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