Douglas Christie, Jr. – Interview

Douglas Christie, Jr. – Interview

Kids are capable of doing many different things, and this site celebrates that! One example is Douglas Christie, Jr., the son of the NBA basketball player Douglas Christie (L..A. Lakers 1993-2007). He has written two books for young children, Dougie Learns to Ride and Dougie Goes to School. Recently, Doug graciously agreed to do an interview with me for this site. Here’s hoping that all the kids and parents who read this will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed asking Doug the questions, if not more. Now, let’s get on to the questions!

Douglas R. Cobb: Doug, Why did you make your first book about learning to ride a bike, and your second one about going to school for the first time?

Douglas Christie, Jr.: Kids deal with these type of things everyday and I just wanted to show them that it’s okay, and that they don’t have to be afraid, they can do it.

Do you mind when people might call you “Dougie,” like the main character of your books? The rapper Dougie Fresh, who is probably before your time, was/is pretty cool, but I didn’t like people calling me “Dougie,” when I was a kid, or things like “Dougie-Wuggie,” or “Dougie-Buggie.” Have you ever been called any of these names before, and if you have, are you okay with it, or do you not really like it?

Those nicknames are ok with me because they’re the names my friends and family call me. I’ve been called “Dougie-Wuggie” before too :-). It’s really fun – I don’t really mind it.

What kind of bike do you have now, Doug, and how long ago did you learn to ride it? Do you have your eyes set on getting another one soon, maybe for Christmas? If so, what kind, color, and size?

I have a medium-sized mountain bike it is called a HUMMER, I really love it, it’s bright yellow and has really cool tires on it as well, but I really want a big boy mountain bike! A new yellow one, with big red wheels! 🙂

What school subject is your favorite, and why?

My favorite subject is history, because I love learning about the world and all the things that has happened over time. My 2nd favorite subject is P.E because I’m always getting stronger everyday and my dad teaches me how to play basketball too.

When you read books, what kinds do you like the most? Do you like science fiction more, or mysteries, or funny books, or nonfiction, or pretty much any book? Also, do you have any favorite authors you like yet, like maybe Roald Dahl, who wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and James and the Giant Peach?

Well I’d have to say I love all of those books as well as Science Fiction, because they have scary chapters, and I really like thriller books too, and my favorite author is E.B White, who wrote Charlottes Web. 🙂

About how long did it take you to write each of your first two books? Do you generally work directly with the illustrator as you write them, or have what you write sent off to her to work on?

Well, it takes me about 2 months to write each book , once I’ve finished writing it, I have my mom send it through the mail to the illustrator, and then Dotti–that’s her name–illustrates it using my ideas from my story.

This question is not about your books, but it’s one I think the readers here would like to know more about. Do you have any pets, Doug, or hobbies you really get into doing, other than writing?

I used to have pet fish named Logan and Neo but they both eventually died. I was very sad, I don’t have any pets right now but plan to get a dog for Christmas. 🙂 Some of my hobbies are playing my PS3, watching movies and spending time with my sister, Chani.

Doug, are you also interested in basketball, like your Dad, or do you like to watch and play a variety of sports?

I love to play with my dad, because he is a professional basketball player and he played in the NBA for 15 years he really knows a lot about the game and teaches me so much, and I also like to watch the LA Lakers games, baseball is really fun too.

Is there some part of writing a book that you don’t like as much as others, like maybe meeting deadlines? What is some advice you would give to someone your age who is also interested in writing?

I enjoyed writing my book because it was a really fun experience and I got to share really good advice and experiences with kids around the world, so I didn’t mind meeting deadlines either. It was kind of cool having to race to the finish line :-). My advice to other kids and people who want to write their own books would be to write about things that are important to them and that makes them feel good. Also I would tell them to believe in themselves and they can accomplish it!

Here’s the final question, Doug! I and the readers of BSC Kids would like to know if you’re currently working on writing another book, or do you have the idea for one that you’re thinking about starting soon? How about one called Dougie Gets a Pet, where Dougie gets a pet for the first time, and learns how to take care of it?

Wow! That’s a really good idea, Mr. Cobb, that’s actually number 4 in my series of 5 books :-). The next book that I’m writing now is, Dougie Goes To the Dentist and then book number 5 will be Dougie Moves to a New Neighborhood.

Douglas R. Cobb: Wow, you gave me some really good answers! I wish you much more success in your writing career in the future, Doug! And, to the readers of BSC Kids, if you are learning to ride a bike for the very first time, and don’t have Dougie Learns to Ride yet, you should check it out! Also, if you’re going to start school in maybe a year or two, Douglas Christie, Jr.’s second book, Dougie Goes to School, is one you’re going to love reading either by yourself or with your parents!

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