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Lisa Stauber is a married mother of 8 trying to hang onto her sanity while hanging out with her kids. She is writing a memoir of large family life and blogs at

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    iCarly-Victorious Behind the Scenes Chat

    Tiger Beat caught up with the stars of Nickelodeon’s Victorious and iCarly to find out how the new crossover movie is going.  Elizabeth Gillies and Doniella Monet just couldn’t say enough how happy they are and what an amazing experience it’s been. “It’s like going to work with your best friends everyday....

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    Miley Cyrus – Award Winning Role Model

    According to WENN, in an online poll Miley Cyrus was rated the third best celebrity role model.  I’m guessing she made it into the top three based on her work with charities and non-profits, such as the Make a Wish Foundation and City of Hope,  and not because of her work on...

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    Demi Lovato Wants Camp Rock 3

    The Disney Channel original movie Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam was a ratings blockbuster, drawing 8 million viewers when it aired last Friday.  That’s pretty astounding for a movie only available on cable and that would pretty much only appeal to kids and their parents.  Already there’s talk floating around about...

  • Fashion
    Justin Bieber Silly Bandz!

    Say it ain’t so.  Silly Bandz, the original silicone bracelet in all kinds of fun shapes, has announced a special edition Justin Bieber themed set.  That boy is everywhere!  Now tweens can declare their love for JB via purple bands that say “I ♥ JB” or a more abstract heart with a...

  • Charity
    Selena Gomez Prays for Pakistan

    Recently, Pakistan was hit by devastating floods.  1500 people have died and hundreds of thousands more are stranded, starving, or both.  1500 is about three elementary schools full of people, to give you an idea.  Pakistan is far away, and it’s easy to forget how people are suffering. Selena Gomez took to...

  • Music
    Selena Gomez Secret Track List

    We’ve found a rumor on the Internet about Selena Gomez’s track list for her latest album, “A Year Without Rain“.  The album won’t release until September 28, but supposedly it will feature these tracks: 1. Round And Round 2. A Year Without Rain 3.  Off  The Chain ft Miley Cyrus 4.  Rock...

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    Confirmed! “Suite Life On Deck” Last Season!

    The Disney Channel’s “Suite Life On Deck” star Debby Ryan loves Twitter, and her recent tweets have confirmed that the series in ending.  It’s been rumored for a while, based on hints from Dylan and Cole Sprouse, but now one of the shows stars has told the world point blank.  On Sunday...

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