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  • Toys And Games
    Create-Your-Own Makies Dolls Debut in Chicago This November!

    MakieLab, the London-based indie toy developer, is officially debuting their “Makies” in the United States! The dolls...

  • Movies
    Star Wars Parody – Star S’Mores From Sesame Street

    Of course Cookie Monster is going to be Han Solo and how the heck will Chewie the...

  • TV Shows
    No Elmo or Abby – Half the Sesame Street

    Abby’s Flying Fairy School and Elmo the Musical will not show up on for the new Half-Hour...

  • Movies
    The Story of Frozen: Making A Disney Animated Classic

    Go behind the scenes of Frozen to look at how the biggest animated film of all time...

  • Food
    Summer Fancy Food Show – More Noteworthy Kids Items

    In addition to all the products that made our BSCKids Besties Awards at the 2013 Summer Fancy...

  • Food
    Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free Products

    Gluten Free Products are always welcome at BSCkids to highlight and discuss for our readers (kids and...

  • Video Games
    Zumba Fitness Core – A Mothers Dream

    Let me set the stage for you, I am a mother of three who only really plays...

  • Toys And Games
    DaGeDar from Cepia makers of ZhuZhu Pets – Highlights

    My kids love collectible things, and they are also boys who love races, so DaGeDar seems to combine both of them into a toy that should take off.  Cepia has really decided to make this a toy that has a story to go with it; these characters live in a world called Dimension 33...

  • Fashion
    Bizu by Spin Master – Highlight

      These are so cute and I just can’t wait until our baby girl is able to play with toys like these.  Until then let me tell you about Bizu which is a bracelet, charm or necklace that is stylish and also a toy at the same time.  I was recently at our...

  • Toys And Games
    Moon Dough Magic Zoo and Snack Shop by Spin Master – Highlight

    There is something plesantly relaxing about mashing Moon Dough around in your hand.  So much so, that as an adult I wouldn’t mind having some sitting at my desk at work.  That being said, this year Moon Dough from Spin Master brings us some new play sets and a formula that we...

  • Toys And Games
    Toy Fair 2011 – Top Toys – Jocelin

    This is something new we are doing this year and I get to take the first crack at it, I give you the female take for BSCkids on what I thought were the best products at Toy Fair 2011.  I guess you could say this is a list of what I think...

  • Movies
    Disney Reveal of Cars 2 at Toy Fair

      While this will be an informational post it is also a post where I get to tell you a little bit about my experience at a great event during Toy Fair.  From the moment you walked into the venue you could tell that this was a Disney event.  Everything there made...

  • Movies
    Lightning McQueen Alive by Mattel Cars 2 Toy Preview w/video

    We are both worn out from two days of Toy Fair 2011 but this news could just not wait.  I was able to attend the Disney Reveal event at Chelsea Pier today and have to report on the coolest new toy coming out in the Disney-Paxar Cars 2 toy line which will...

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