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  • Fashion
    Bizu by Spin Master – Highlight

    These are so cute and I just can’t wait until our baby girl is able to play with toys like these.  Until then let me tell you about Bizu which is a bracelet, charm or necklace that is stylish and also a toy at the same time.  I was recently at our friends...

  • Toys And Games
    Moon Dough Magic Zoo and Snack Shop by Spin Master – Highlight

    There is something plesantly relaxing about mashing Moon Dough around in your hand.  So much so, that as an adult I wouldn’t mind having some sitting at my desk at work.  That being said, this year Moon Dough from Spin Master brings us some new play sets and a formula that we...

  • Toys And Games
    Toy Fair 2011 – Top Toys – Jocelin

    This is something new we are doing this year and I get to take the first crack at it, I give you the female take for BSCkids on what I thought were the best products at Toy Fair 2011.  I guess you could say this is a list of what I think...

  • Movies
    Disney Reveal of Cars 2 at Toy Fair

    While this will be an informational post it is also a post where I get to tell you a little bit about my experience at a great event during Toy Fair.  From the moment you walked into the venue you could tell that this was a Disney event.  Everything there made you...

  • Movies
    Lightning McQueen Alive by Mattel Cars 2 Toy Preview w/video

    We are both worn out from two days of Toy Fair 2011 but this news could just not wait.  I was able to attend the Disney Reveal event at Chelsea Pier today and have to report on the coolest new toy coming out in the Disney-Paxar Cars 2 toy line which will...

  • Fashion
    Project Iris – Clothing for a Good Cause

    As a mother, I am always looking for clothes that make me look hip and at the same time are comfortable to wear.  When I  opened the pack for the the “Flower Heart” shirt (pictured at bottom) and touched the soft cloth and saw the heart design in person for the first time,...

  • Music
    Miley Cyrus talks with David Letterman

    Miley Cyrus was on the David Letterman show last night and it was a pretty good interview.  She talks about Twitter, the paparazzi, anything she missed growing up, and about singing live.  That was the best part of the interview where she talks about how people on YouTube say she sounds like...

  • Reviews
    Bestever Baby Mat – Review

    Want to find the softest thing for your baby to lie down on?  Keep reading to hear about the Bestever Baby Mat.  I saw mat on television long before receiving one for my daughter.  The television hosts could not keep their hands off of it, and now I know why–it is truly made out of...

  • Toys And Games
    Calico Critters – Who’s Missing – Review

    Calico Critters are classic cute little animals that have been around for quite some time and have a large following, so it makes sense they should also have a fun card game.  Who’s Missing? A Calico Critters Card Game is for 2-4 players ages 3 and up and features 3 different games...

  • Books
    David Archuleta Chords of Strength Cover Art

    I am an admitted fan follower of American Idol and catch every single DVR’d minute of the show after my husband falls asleep.  Well good news to Idol fans and book readers, oh and those fans of David Archuleta.  We have the cover art for the May 4th release (you can pre-order)...

  • Reviews
    The Story Telling Game by iplay – review

    If my husband has his favorite game of game night in Feed the Kitty!, I have mine in The Story Telling Game by iplay.  This is a game that I picked up at their annual toy sale which they have at their warehouse in NJ.  My five year old son chose it...

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