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    Enter the Zombie by David Lubar – review

    Feed your need, all of you zombies out there! Feast on the conclusion of David Lubar’s famous, always humorous, but sometimes gross series Nathan Abercrombie: Accidental Zombie with the coolest book of the series yet, Enter the Zombie! Why is it the coolest? Because it’s got action, adventure, Nathan and his friends...

  • Comics
    Spider-Man Versus Batman: The Animated Series

    Breakdown/Shakedown In the pose above, Spider-Man seems to be saying something like: “Why have a head-to-head match-up about who is the best cartoon superhero? I’m the obvious winner, hands down!” Despite what Spider-Man’s opinions might be, who do you think is the best cartoon superhero between the Spider-Man of the original series...

  • Reviews
    Country Dance for the Wii – review

    Dust off your dancin’ boots, grab your pardner, and get ready to dance to 25+ of the greatest country hits of today and yesterday, interacting with the dancers on your television screen as you play the latest Nintendo Wii game, Country Dance! It’s a fun way to spend quality time with your...

  • Books
    Enclave by Ann Aguirre – review

    Your name is Deuce. You are just one loyal member of a small pocket of humanity, living underground like rats in the tunnels and sewers beneath cities that are largely devastated and in ruins. Following orders and rules without question is the only way your enclave of fellow humans has managed to...

  • Books
    Alyson Noel – Interview

    I just recently had the pleasure of reading Shimmer by Alyson Noël, a supernatural story that’s a fun and entertaining read which you’ll want to add to your reading lists, if you haven’t done so already! It’s the second novel of her series about Riley Bloom, who is a ghost who assists...

  • Books
    Chime by Franny Billingsley – review

    Witches can’t cry. Just ask seventeen-year-old Briony Larkin. She knows this, Briony of the Swampsea and the second sight. But witches aren’t supposed to let anyone know they’re witches; they’re supposed to guard their secrets jealously, and to never reveal themselves for who they really are to anyone. Even if they feel...

  • TV Shows
    Jonny Quest Versus The Venture Brothers

    Breakdown/Shakedown Action, mystery, martial arts, adventure–what’s not to like about Jonny Quest? The exact same things could be said about Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim cartoon The Venture Brothers, a clever and brilliant parody of Jonny Quest. They both have tons of similarities and loads of differences. Let’s compare them head-to-head, mano a...

  • Books
    Shimmer by Alyson Noel – review

    Riley Bloom is 12, with almost her whole existence ahead of her. Except for her 13th birthday, that is, because–well–she’s dead. She’s a Soul Catcher, and though she’s fairly new at it, she’s already helped lead several souls to the Here & Now, the series’ version of an afterlife. Riley is aided...

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    The Woody Woodpecker Show Versus The Ren & Stimpy Show

    Breakdown/Shakedown Wacky, anthropomorphic red-feathered woodpecker, or wacky, anthropomorphic retarded psycho chihuahua and fat, stupid cat–when it comes down to a head-to-head match-up, which wins: Woody Woodpecker or Ren and Stimpy? Cartoon animals have been a hilarious staple of cartoon viewing for over half a century, and everyone has his/her favorites that you...

  • Books
    Worldshaker by Richard Harland – review

    Steampunk, the subgenre depicted in Richard Harland’s novel, Worldshaker, is one of today’s most popular types of science fiction. No wonder, in that it’s a style of literature that often has in it the best elements of science fiction and a technology that is a part of our past–steam. Also, cogs, gears, cams, and...

  • Comics
    Popeye Versus Cow and Chicken

    Breakdown/Shakedown We’ve got another thrilling head-to-head match-up today, folks! In the battle for cartoon supremacy, which cartoon would you say would win, the Old School Popeye cartoons, or the New School Cow and Chicken cartoons? In this truly bizarre and yet oddly epic match-up, we’ll compare the two cartoons’ merits and come...

  • Books
    Museum of Thieves by Lian Tanner – review

    Museum of Thieves by the talented author Lian Tanner is destined to become a classic novel of children’s and YA literature. Yes, it’s that good. I was very impressed with Tanner’s story, of the adventures of twelve-year-old Goldie Roth of the city of Jewel (formerly Dunt), and how she runs away from...

  • Books
    The Island of the Blue Dolphins 50th Anniversary Edition – by Scott O’Dell – review

    It is fitting that the classic Newbery Award-winning 50th Anniversary edition of The Island of the Blue Dolphin by Scott O’Dell (1898-1989) has a forward written for it by Lois Lowry, who won the same award two times, in 1990 for The Giver and in 1994 for her brilliant novel, Number the Stars....

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