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  • Animated Shows
    Lots Of Old Disney Intros Being Introduced, What Could The Meaning Be?

    New Disney channel VOD service has been announced, but there is a lot of different information coming out about it. What we are suggesting below is more conjecture based on what the official Disney TV Animation News YouTube channel (update: not an official Disney channel) has been doing lately. Lots of old...

  • Books
    A Whole New World: A Twisted Tale by Liz Braswell

    As an adult, it can sometimes be hard to find a good fantasy book at your local book store. I’m talking about the type of fantasy books that you read as a middle school or high school student that really got your imagination running. I always think back to the first time...

  • Books
    NYCC16: Interview with Julie Merberg – Big Book of Girl Power

    As a dad of a 6 month old baby boy, there’s only a few things that matter in terms of my son. Is he eating enough? Is he going to the bathroom enough? Is he sleeping enough? Are we talking enough to him? And of course, are we reading enough? As a...

  • Comics
    NYCC16: The Thrill of Artist Alley

    Three years ago I set out on a mission to complete my first ever jam piece of art. For those of you that are unfamiliar with that term, think of a collage of superheroes on one sheet of paper. For me, it was a simple idea: Get some of the best artists...

  • Comics
    NYCC16: Interview with James Silvani – Artist on Darkwing Duck Comics

    James Silvani with a commissioned Negaduck sketch Growing up, I had many cartoons that made my mandatory must watch list. See back then, there was no DVR to record and watch later option and the VCR was reserved for my parents. So it was either watch live, or watch never. Besides watching...

  • Comics
    NYCC 2014: Batman: Gotham Rising

    With the 75th anniversary of Batman this year, it was only right for DC to provide numerous panels at this year’s New York Comic Con. This year my “Panel” day would be on Friday so I quickly browsed through the program. Friday proved to be filled with various panels from Green Lantern’s...

  • Comics
    NYCC 2014: The Quest for Awesome

    Since I began this journey of collecting sketches from some of my favorite artists, I always knew that one day I would have the ultimate sketch. To create a sketch so awesome that it would be the envy of all my friends. A sketch so well thought of, planned out, and so...

  • Books
    NYCC 2014: The Show that Keeps on Amazing

    Going on my 3rd straight year of attending New York Comic Con, I find it amazing that I can still be surprised, satisfied, and entertained by the sight of Costumed Characters, panels, artists, and celebrities. This year’s show featured some of the biggest names in the Comic Book world including Jim Lee,...

  • Comics
    Everyone Loves a Good Villain – NYCC 2013

    Let’s face it. Everyone at one point or another has wanted to be a villain. Whether it was during a Halloween Party, or because a person cut you in line, you have had the inkling to let out the evil side that lurks within us all. It is no wonder that DC...

  • Comics
    To Be or Not to Be – Neal Adams Sketch – NYCC 2013

    If you have ever been to a Comic Con, whether in New York or anywhere else, then you know what I am about to talk about. Because unless you walk in with loads of money, then the success or failure of a show comes down to decisions. Should I buy this exclusive...

  • Comics
    Wizard World Philadelphia Is A Place To Meet Heroes And Create Memories

    Philadelphia.  Driving in, you are immediately hit with the smell of cheese steaks.  Your thoughts stray back to elementary school and learning about Independence Hall and Ben Franklin.  Your more adult self thinks of Rocky. But sometimes there are other reasons to come to Philadelphia.  Sometimes there is a different kind of...

  • Comics
    A Day at the DC Booth – NY Comic Con 2012

    They say, “quality is better than quantity,” and it is beyond true.  However, when you have both, now that is a winning combination.  This year’s NYCC saw DC’s booth had big name comics, new products, and aside for a breakdown in communication with guest signings, had an overall great showing.

  • Comics
    Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 Panel – New York Comic Con 2012

    For years, Batman fans have clamored over the best Batman comics.  You have heard the list before and it usually starts with Frank Miller’s cult classic, The Dark Knight Returns.  Personally, this story is what hooked me into comics.  Seeing Bruce Wayne struggle with himself, a completely unique Joker, and basically kick...

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