Rush Hour for the iPhone – iTouch – iPad – Review

Rush Hour for the iPhone – iTouch – iPad – Review

I was just introduced to the fact that Thinkfun has a Rush Hour app for the iPhone/Touch/Pad family.  Now as you know we love Thinkfun games, well because they are fun and make you think, big surprise that a company name actually makes perfect marketing sense.  Well before I went to the Toy Fair this year I already knew a bit about Thinkfun as my one son got Rush Hour Jr. for Christmas.  He played for days and days then and now he has already moved on to hoggin my iTouch from me to complete just another challenge in the Rush Hour app.  I really do not mind though as this really does help problem solving and it works great for a trip in the car.  I know if my wife has to run into the grocery store and I am staying in the car with the kids because she says it will be quick, this application is a life saver.  Quick is always such a relative term when it comes to shopping and this application can weather the storm of 15 minutes or more to get “a few things.” 

What I really found nice was the fact that they included so many puzzles in the pay version of the application.  I believe it clocks in at 2500 challenges and just because you have gotten the red car out of the traffic jam does not mean that you have completed the game with with a “perfect score.”  That “perfect score” feature is very nice as it allows for even more replay ability and a greater sense of accomplishment.  You may not want your kids playing games that are mindless, but that is not what Thinkfun is about, you can feel very comfortable allowing your kids to have some play time with this application.  They will come away learning some good problem solving skills among other things.

We have attached a screenshot for the iPad and it looks stunning, not to say that the iTouch/iPhone version is any slouch either as it looks great as well.  Download the app, you will not be disappointed.  My only complaint is that I get a lot less time on my own iTouch because of it, and that little kid fingers are not always the cleanest things in the house.

Rush Hour for the iPhone and iTouch

ThinkFun’s Rush Hour is now available for Apple’s iPhone and iTouch. Rush Hour is the smartest and most challenging traffic jam game for the iPhone and is packed with tons of features.

  • Rush Hour’s 2500 challenges range from beginner to expert, and like all ThinkFun games, instills confidence in even the most novice of players by providing simple beginner challenges, and tests the most advance players with super-hard expert levels.
  • Rush Hours Perfect Score feature measures the number of moves in which players get free from the jams, making Rush Hour by far the most challenging game of its kind on the iPhone. Even exceptional gamers who manage to solve all of the puzzles can’t claim mastery of Rush Hour until they have tallied the perfect score on each challenge.
  • The unique solve button shows you how to complete your challenge and no matter where you are in your challenge, the solve button will show you how to solve it, and then put you back where you left off so you can learn and complete the challenge yourself.

For more information on the Rush Hour app, go to

Rush Hour - Thinkfun

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