Chocolate Fix from Thinkfun – Review

Chocolate Fix from Thinkfun – Review

Chocolate Fix from Thinkfun is a yummy looking game that has become an instant hit at our house.  It comes with a tray to hold 9 pieces of candy.  Three ‘strawberry’, three ‘carmel’, and three ‘chocolate’, each flavor has a circle, square, and triangular piece.  The challenge of this game is to place the pieces of candy into the tray in the proper sequence by following the clues given in the booklet.  The book contains 40 puzzles ranging from easy to expert.  Even though it is a one player game the whole family can get in on the action.  Our Kindergartner is able to do the easy puzzles and my husband and I work on the advanced and expert ones.  We are constantly looking over each other’s shoulders and trying to offer advise on completing the puzzle.  We will also compete with each other by seeing who can complete the most difficult puzzle or who can solve in the quickest time.  Not only is this a fun game, but it really challenges your brain.  This games come in a tie close bag making them great games for travel and are guaranteed to keep the whole family busy while waiting for dinner at a restaurant, keeping kids quiet on  a long flight, or an easily packed activity for a rainy day stuck in a hotel.  We even caught my mother-in-law trying to take the game home because she got addicted to Chocolate Fix while playing it at our house.

The other thing that I want to touch on is the quality of the game.  The actual pieces are plastic but they have a solid feel and the coloring look delicious.  Who doesn’t like chocolate?  The board is also quality plastic and because Thinkfun does not scrimp with their products they also included the previously mentioned bag where you can store everything.  A great game for kids and adults so do not be surprised if you have to keep track of who has it when you want to play.

Thinkfun also has another version of this game called Clever Castle for younger players which we will be reviewing very soon.

Chocolate Fix was provided for review by Thinkfun.

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