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    Under Wraps Harold Gives Us A Speech

    Phil Wright is Harold in Under Wraps, the new Disney Channel Movie that is coming on premieriing on Friday, October 1st , 2021, on Disney Channel and Friday, October 8th, 2021, on Disney+ and we get a fun video leading up to the release of Harold. With grunts and grumbles Harold gives...

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    Under Wraps DCOM – More Info

    Under Wraps will premiere on Friday October 1st on Disney Channel and Friday October 8th on Disney+ as we get into the full Halloween spirit with this remake of the classic. It is great to get a whole bunch of new pictures of the movie as we eagerly await the premiere and...

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    Under Wraps Will Bring New Life To Halloween

    We were first introduced to Sophia Hammons in The Social Dilemma, but we are excited to hear she will be working with Malachi Barton and Christian J. Simon in the upcoming remake of a Halloween classic, Under Wraps. These friends will wake up a mummy and must return him to his resting...

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    Under Wraps Coming Back To Disney With Sophia Hammons, Christian J. Simon, Malachi Barton

    Under Wraps, which was the first ever DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie) and they are going to be rebooting it with production of the new version starting this month. The 1997 classic version is going to make way to a contemporary comedic remake with Christian J. Simon playing Gilbert, Malachi Barton playing...

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