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    Muppet Babies Season Three Gives Us Rozzie On Disney Junior

    Muppet Babies is getting a new fuzzy face in Rozzie in Season three of the show. We now have a picture of what Rozzie looks like and will be introduced to the new character on January 4th on Disney Junior. BREAKING: Season three of #MuppetBabies, introducing brand-new Muppet, Rozzie, will debut January...

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    Sweetums On New Muppet Babies

    Fan favorite Sweetums will be making a guest appearance on today’s episode of Muppet Babies. Finders Keepers and Monster Next Door are the titles for Season 2 Episode 2 and with Sweetums having a huge following we are glad to see that we are getting a baby Sweetums in today’s episode. The...

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    MUPPET BABIES – “A Very Muppet Babies Christmas”

    We have a new winter holiday episode of MUPPET BABIES – “A Very Muppet Babies Christmas” that will air on November 30th in the morning on Disney Junior. This one involves the new character Baby Summer as she has to cancel her trip home when a huge snowstorm gets involved. To help...

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    MUPPET BABIES – “Happy Hallowocka!”

    MUPPET BABIES – “Happy Hallowocka!” Muppets Babies is one of our favorite reboots that Disney has introduced over at Disney Junior and on October 5th we will get to see the new Halloween episodes. They look so cute in their Halloween costumes with Baby Animal as an astronaut, Baby Fozzie as Robin...

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