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    Original Henry Danger Live-Action Movie With Jace Norman

    There is an original Henry Danger live-action movie coming to Paramount+ at some point and we are excited to see the Henry Danger universe still continue to get so much love. Jace Norman signed a deal with Nickelodeon to develop, produced, and star in some original content and this is he first...

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    Henry Danger “Thumb War” With Jerry Trainor

    In a mere 10 days we will get the Henry Danger “Thumb War” where we get to see a new crime-fighting team compete with Ray (Cooper Barnes) and Henry (Jace Norman). This new crime fighting team that consists of Joey (Jerry Trainor, right) and Jeff (Arnie Pantoja) are also huge fans of...

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    HENRY DANGER – “Danger Things” With Jace Norman And Riele Downs Stranger Things Parody

    Nickelodeon brings us some Halloween Henry Danger with the “Danger Things” episode that will air on October 8th at 8:00 p.m. Piper is captured by a creature from another dimension due to a interdimensional portal being opened by an evil science corporation and it is up to Captain Man and Kid Danger...

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