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    Hamster & Gretel “Cheer Cheer Bang Bang” And “La Ballad of La Cebolla”

    This week gives us another new episode of Hamster & Gretel with “Cheer Cheer Bang Bang” and “La Ballad of La Cebolla” that premieres on August 27th on Disney Channel. In “Cheer Cheer Bang Bang” we see that Winifred has to go undercover as a cheerleader. Now why she is undercover we...

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    Hamster & Gretel “Superhero Sibling Rivalry” And “Close Shave”

    We are getting a new episode of Hamster & Gretel this Saturday, August 20th with the “Superhero Sibling Rivalry” and “Close Shave” episodes. Gretel will have her hands full in the first part of the episode as she has to battle the twin villains on her own. Now we wonder if that...

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    Hamster & Gretel Is Looking Better And Better With Meli Povenmire

    Hamster & Gretel is coming on August 12th to Disney Channel and this last video has us even more excited to watch the show, even if we are already saying “poor Kevin” as we watch. The cast and recurring characters is an all-star bunch with Meli Povenmire playing the role of Gretel....

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    HAMSTER & GRETEL Will Have A Ton Of Villains

    Hamster & Gretel is coming this Summer and after looking at the poster for a bit we realize that there are going to be a lot of villains trying to take over the city. If the poster is anything to go off of, and we think it will be, we are going...

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    Hamster & Gretel Casts Meli Povenmire, Michael Cimino And More

    We have been talking about Hamster & Gretel lately and now we have some faces, or voices, to go along with the roles. Gretel is going to be voiced by Meli Povenmire, Kevin will be voiced by Michael Cimino and Beck Bennett as Hamster. We are really looking forward to seeing Hamster...

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    More Hamster & Gretel Info

    Hamster & Gretel | Disney Channel Poor Kevin, as we get the new video for Hamster & Gretel, which is coming in Summer of this year that shows us how Hamster and Gretel actually get their powers. It is a Dan Povenmire series, so it fits the same animation style and humor...

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