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  • Culture
    LIVE, One Night, The Washington Capitals Vs. The New York Rangers In A Groundbreaking Hockey Game! The NHL Big City Greens Classic!

    So exited for the LIVE NHL Big City Greens that is going to air live on Tuesday, March 14th on Disney Channel will have the Washington Capitals face-off against the New York Rangers but in a bit of a different viewing format. This alternate presentation will feature volumetric animation of players and...

  • Culture
    Big City Greens And NHL Put Together The Coolest Sports Collab Ever

    This is probably the coolest thing we have seen in a while as the NHL Big City Greens Classic is coming with a live animated presentation between Washington Capitals and New York Rangers on March 14th. While we can try and do our best to explain it really the video below gives...

  • Animated Shows
    Big City Greens “Virtually Christmas” With Alfonso Ribeiro

    We are getting another Christmas special from Big City Greens and it will air on December 3rd with a fun guest star. Alfonso Ribeiro will be playing a virtual reality video game character, Mr. Extras as Cricket tries to recreate his family traditions in a virtual reality game while snowed in at...

  • Animated Movie
    Big City Greens Musical

    Love Big City Greens, do not love musicals, so what does this mean as the show is going to spin off a movie musical for Disney Channel and Disney+ in the future? First let us talk about the fact that season three of Big City Greens will start on February 12th and...

  • Animated Shows
    Big City Greens Season 3

    If you have access to Disney Insider you can see a bunch of fun new information on Season 3 of Big City Greens in there, starting around the mid thirteen minute mark and it has us really excited to see what the Green family has in store for another season of the...

  • Animated Shows
    Disney’s Magic Bake-Off “Big City Greens”

    This is going to be a great episode as we are getting some Big City Greens cakes on Disney’ Magic Bake-Off. That alone would be a fun watch, but Disney has added a little spice to their cake show by having Chris and Shane Houghton join the show to be guest judges...

  • Animated Shows
    Cricket From Big City Greens Calls Zombies Stars In Random Rings

    We love the Random Rings segments that Cricket Green (Big City Greens) pulls off with other Disney Channel stars, and with Halloween right around the corner it makes sense to reach out to Zombies star Meg Donnelly (Addison) and pretends to be Milo Manheim who plays Zed. Not to stop there, Cricket...

  • Animated Shows
    DuckTales And Big City Greens Together

    Launchpad, from DuckTales, and Cricket, from Big City Greens get connected on a phone call and the results are extremely funny as their two worlds collide. Lauchpad, who Cricket refers to as Lunchdad, has a large gemstone and Cricket is looking to get some extra money so he tells him he is...

  • Animated Shows
    Disney Channel’s “Big City Greens” Creators Shane Houghton and Chris Houghton Get Overall Deal At Disney

    Lots of good news for Big City Greens fans as not only are we going to get a third season of the show, but Disney has brought it to our attending that they have a deal in place with the brothers to develop new animated series, shorts and movies that will appear...

  • Animated Shows
    Big City Greens Chipocalypse Now! On Disney Channel

    Big City Greens is back. On Saturday January 16th on Disney Channel we are going to get an all new episode that looks to be extra long called “Chipocalypse Now!” and we also have the trailer below. This episode will also guest star Paul Scheer as Chip Whistler and Andy Richter as...

  • Animated Shows
    BIG CITY GREENS – “Present Tense” And “Hurt Bike”

    We love seeing Russell and Rashida Remington and with the new episode of Big City Greens “Present Tense” we will get to see both of them as Cricket tries to figure out what to get Remy for his birthday. Since Remy has pretty much anything he wants it will be interesting what...

  • Animated Shows
    Big City Greens – “Times Circle” And “Super Gramma” With Sandy Martin

    Big City Greens is back this week with the “Times Circle” and “Super Gramma” episodes which will air on Saturday, August 29th on Disney Channel. In “Times Circle” Tilly and Remy team up to put on a sidewalk play and Cricket and Bill get to meet their favorite superheroes. It took me...

  • Animated Shows
    BIG CITY GREENS – “Green Mirror” And “Cricket’s Tickets” With Lucy Lawless

    Gwendolyn Zapp is back in this week in the episode of Big City Greens, “Green Mirror,” where the Greens are visiting BigTech and Tilly just has to test out the new technology. The technology promises to make the Green family, the perfect family, but we know how Gwendolyn’s tech has worked in...

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