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    Justin Bieber Kisses Selena Gomez During Award Show

    Yes, Justin Bieber has now made his romantic relationship with Selena Gomez a tiny bit more real. They kissed after he was named a winner of one of his many awards that he won that night during the Billboard Music Awards. You can find a video of that at the bottom of...

  • Music
    Justin Bieber Talks About How Happy Selena Gomez Makes Him

    Justin Bieber is on tour is Asia and he was asked about his romance with Selena Gomez. He finally opens up about their much talked about relationship. You can hear what he had to say at the bottom of this post. I think that is a sweet touch that she says how...

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    Selena Gomez: “I Won’t Marry” Justin Bieber

    Good news for Justin’s adoring fans! Selena Gomez spoke to Teen Vogue about her much talked about relationship with Justin Bieber. Here is what she had to say regarding about a real future with him. I’m eighteen. I’m not going to marry anybody I’m with, and I know that. Yikes, that must...

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    Miley Cyrus Deletes Angry Tweet

    Miley Cyrus has not been showing her best side on Twitter as of lately, and this one tweet was no different. The once promising career of the former Disney star seems to have faltered, and she is blaming someone other than herself. Here is the tweet the Disney Infonet had a screen...

  • Fashion
    Demi Lovato Takes Risk With Photo

    Demi Lovato went last fall into treatment for some personal issues, including eating disorders. Now she has made a big step in her recovery by posting a photo of herself in her swim suite. Here is what she tweeted along with her photo. I’ve been working so hard to get healthy and...

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    American Idol Top 4 Results – recap

    American Idol‘s top 4 results were shocking to many. Like many seasons before it, they always have a shocker. In this case it has now happened twice this season. Before I go on about who was eliminated, let’s go through the overview on what went down on the elimination show. The night...

  • TV Shows
    Selena Gomez Is Depressed Over “Wizards” Coming To An Ending

    Selena Gomez has not made it a secret about being upset over her long time show, Wizards of Waverly Place. Filming for the finale season ends this week, which means Selena will be saying goodbye to the show forever afterwards. She has expressed this sorrow on Twitter and in interviews. I can’t...

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    Selena Gomez Talks About Relationship With Justin Bieber

    Selena Gomez gave a recent interview to Seventeen magazine. They talked about her relationship with Justin Bieber, and why they took it public. Here is what Selena had to say. I don’t like hiding. I do like to keep certain things to myself, but at the end of the day, I’m 18,...

  • TV Shows
    The Suite Life On Deck Ends On May 6th

    Last year we heard rumors that The Suite Life On Deck was on its last leg. Then Disney said that was not true, but also gave them a chance to have their own movie. Nothing more about another season was said, so the rumors were confirmed by silence. Now Disney has confirmed...

  • Movies
    Lemonade Mouth Movie Surprisingly Unbitter

    Lemonade Mouth is an original Disney Channel film about a band that is formed in high school and their struggles with life and their band. You watch the group of 5 form and face the world. You see their ups and downs, and the even ground that they roam. They storm the...

  • Music
    American Idol Top 9 Rock & Roll – Results

    American Idol results for the Rock & Roll week were shocking. As Ryan stated at the start of the night, we all would be shocked by the results. But we first got a chance to hear the top 9 sing all together for once, a mix of “I Love Rock & Roll”...

  • Movies
    The Suite Life Movie – review

    The Suite Life Movie was as I expected:  a bit of a silly Disney movie. Based on the TV show The Suite Life On Deck, it follows Cody and Zack on their final spring break before heading back to school for their final few weeks. Cody gets an internship that is ruined...

  • TV Shows
    Rumor Alert! Is The Suite Life On Deck Over?

    Now Debby Ryan has a new TV show, rumors are swirling again about The Suite Life On Deck is officially over. However, last fall Disney issued a statement that a new season was planned. But nothing more was said since then. While this is a rumor at the moment, it does not...

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