Jessica Bendinger

Jessica Bendinger is an acclaimed Hollywood screenwriter who launched onto the scene with her original script for the hit hip hop cheerleading comedy, Bring it On. She released her first and highly-anticipated novel, The Seven Rays on November 24, 2009 with Simon & Schuster. The story follows 17 year-old, Beth Michaels, who uncovers elements of the supernatural on her journey of self discovery. The words: “You are more than you think you are” mysteriously present themselves to Beth and ultimately drive her quest. The novel reaches well beyond the interest of young adults, appealing to all as it explores the universal question—“Are we making the most of our lives?” She currently resides in Los Angeles with her two dogs, where she is writing her next feature film and working on the sequel to The Seven Rays.

  • Books
    Kid Faves – The Bad News Bears by Jessica Bendinger

    My favorite film from childhood was definitely The Bad News Bears. Tatum O’Neal and all the scruffy outsider kids on that little league team made me feel like anything was possible, even if I didn’t have a life that fit the mold or looked “normal” to other people. It was so life-changing...

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