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    Justin Bieber on SIRIUS XM!

    Even more Bieber news for you today! To hold you over while you wait for Justin’s tour dates to be announced, BSCkids just received (from a new friend!) three very cool videos of Justin’s visit to the SIRIUS XM studios from last Thursday. The first two are of Justin showing off the...

  • TV Shows
    Hannah Montana Forever – Miley Cyrus Promises!

    Yesterday, Hannah Montana fans saw a commercial featuring Miley Cyrus assuring them quite simply, “Hannah Montana Forever”. According to Lalate, this is not a promise of life beyond Season 4, which kicks off this July on the Disney Channel and is reportedly the swan song season for Cyrus and the show. There...

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    Justin Bieber on The View – TWICE

    Because you know…you can’t have the kid on just once, because there aren’t enough TV’s in the world for all of his fans to watch just one airing! Justin Bieber is is taking his world (My World 2.0 if he’s telling it) to the ladies of The View, appearing on the show...

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    Justin Bieber Performing My World 2 on QVC

    Justin Bieber was on QVC yesterday and some video has come out from his performance. He performed “Smile” “One Less Lonely Girl” (which was on Volume 1) to promote the launch of his second album, My World 2.0, which will be available through QVC two weeks prior to the March 23rd release....

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