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  • Music
    Soulja Boy talks collab with Justin Bieber on Rich Girl

    For all the fans of Justin Bieber I am sure that you have already heard the song with Soulja Boy called Rich Girl.  Below we have a video of Soulja Boy talking about how he met Justin Bieber and what it was like working with him. I think for Soulja Boy and...

  • Reviews
    ERGObaby Carrier – Our first walk at the park

    I did a little trial run with the ERGObaby carrier at home when my daughter was about 4 weeks/8 pounds and it seemed she was just not ready for it yet, however once she was 6 or 7 weeks and just a little bigger I felt very comfortable  and safe with her in the...

  • TV Shows
    Miley Cyrus on Disney Channel Hannah Montana Forever – Sneak Peek

    Let me just put it out there, I am really looking forward to the last season of Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana with Miley Cyrus.  One thing I can honestly say is when the writers know that it will be the last season of a show they actually have time to wrap things...

  • TV Shows
    Ashley Tisdale and Aly Michalka in Hellcats on The CW clip

    When we first announced that Ashley Tisdale was set to co-star in Hellcatson The CW I was excited.  I loved her on all of the Disney Channel stuff and felt that she was going to be able to be accomplished in other projects.  Hellcats is a project that I think is a...

  • Reviews
    Chocolate Fix from Thinkfun – Review

    Chocolate Fix from Thinkfun is a yummy looking game that has become an instant hit at our house.  It comes with a tray to hold 9 pieces of candy.  Three ‘strawberry’, three ‘carmel’, and three ‘chocolate’, each flavor has a circle, square, and triangular piece.  The challenge of this game is to place...

  • Music
    Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers at Good Morning America Summer Concert Series

    All sorts of crazy videos from the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato performance at the Good Morning America Concert serieswhich is presented by Walgreens.  The performances are free you just have to arrive at the park early, which is great.  So who got a chance to attend?  I wish I had the...

  • Music
    Vote for Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

    We recently brought you the news that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were nominated for the 10th Annual BET Awards, which will be hosted by Queen Latifah.  This event will take place in LA on June 27th at 8PM on BET and BET.com but you can now vote for your favorites over...

  • Music
    Justin Bieber rocks American Idol

    I grabbed the video of Justin Bieber performing Baby and U Smile during the elimination round that was on Fox last night.  If you are one of the contestants on the show how hard must it have been to see such a superstar steal the show no matter how well they performed. ...

  • Education
    Miley Cyrus – Blessings in a Backpack

    Later this week after all of crazy schedule, Miley Cyrus will be heading to Kentucky where she will visit the town of Harzard to see how the progress of Blessings in a Backpack is going.  Eonline was told that Miley Cyrus will be devoting time and money to the charity over the...

  • Reviews
    2010 Vacation – The Summer of Reviews

    We have a very special project here at BSCkids and BSCreview that will be starting in July.  The 2010 Vacation – The Summer of Reviews will be special posts where we review items we will be using on vacation or places we will be visiting during the vacation.  We will be able to do...

  • Toys And Games
    Douglas Company introduces several new horses to their line

    The Douglas Company, who makes some of the coolest stuffed animals ever, are introducing nine new foals and four larger breeds to their lineup.  I have to say these are real cute looking horses.  I think I have the ability to use that word cute now that I have a baby girl. ...

  • TV Shows
    Disney Channel Playhouse Disney Special Agent Oso gets Mel Brooks – Brad Garrett – Lou Holtz as guest stars

    What kid doesn’t like to watch a show about special agents?  Well the Disney Channel Playhouse Disney “Special Agent Oso” show will be getting some really cool guests for Season 2.  Mel Brooks will play Grandpa Mel, Lou Holtz will play football-playing Uncle Lou and Brad Garrett will be one of two...

  • TV Shows
    Justin Bieber on Ellen

    Ellen is pretty funny in general and when Justin Bieber comes on the show it makes for a fun little interview.  The problem is that Ellen is very late to the game so talking about his hair, while necessary is overdone.  I do like where Justin talks about how girls try to...

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