Anna Peel

Anna Peel is a professional freelance writer who lives in Savannah, Georgia. Much of her work can be found on various websites including CheapToday and Wasabi Media Group. She also writes for her own shopping blog Shop In Chic.

  • Music
    Niall Horan Says Demi Lovato Is A Good Friend

    It’s no secret that Niall Horan is good friends with Demi Lovato, but he recently sat down to talk a little about his close friendship with Demi. Here is what he said about it:

  • Music
    One Direction’s Harry Styles Talks About Shaving His Head

    Harry Styles from One Direction may be ready for an image change. In a recent interview with BBC Radio 1, he mentioned his desire to shave his head. Here is what he said:

  • Music
    Video: David Archuleta After Visiting Bench Fix Billboard

    We got another fun video for David Archuleta fans! This video clip features the American Idol alumni right after he visited Bench Fix Billboard in Manila. Check out the video below. This brief video features someone asking David about what he though of the Bench Fix Billboard of himself. David seemed like...

  • TV Shows
    Bridget Mendler – Lemonade Mouth Won’t Make A Sequel

    Bad news for Disney Channel movie fans: Lemonade Mouth won’t make a sequel. This news was confirmed by Bridget Mendler, one of the movie’s key stars. Here is what she said: There’s not unfortunately. We had such a great experience working on the movie,...

  • Fashion
    Selena Gomez To Bring Her Fashion Line Dream Out Loud To Brazil

    The super-stylish Selena Gomez recently made a wonderful announcement to all her Brazilian fans through Facebook: she’s going to expand her fashion line Dream Out Loud to Walmart in Brazil. Here is the message she posted:

  • Music
    iCarly Will Feature One Direction In Upcoming Episode

    Monday’s episode of iCarly will feature a special appearance from up-and-coming pop band One Direction. The title of the episode is “iGot Jungle Worms” and it is rumored that they will special performance of “What Makes You Beautiful”. Here is the scoop on the episode:

  • Music Thinks Justin Bieber Could Be The Next Michael Jackson

    Could teen pop star Justin Bieber be the next great epic pop star of the next generation? Black Eyed Peas singer sure thinks so! In a recent interview with Radio Disney, he talked about his meeting with Bieber. Here is what he said I was with Justin Bieber in the studio...

  • Music
    Justin Bieber Shows That He’s Selena Gomez’s Number 1 Fan

    Justin Bieber proved once again that he is Selena Gomez’s number one fan! At the 2011 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night, the affectionate couple was spotted sitting right next to each other while holding hands. When Selena took the stage to sing her latest song “Love You Like A Love Song”...

  • TV Shows
    Billy Ray Cyrus Talks About A Potential Prequel To Hannah Montana

    Disney’s Hannah Montana was the hit television series that launched the career of teen queen Miley Cyrus. She’s gone on to record hit albums, tour the world, and star in movies. And now it appears that her father and former country singer Billy Ray Cyrus wants to launch go back in time...

  • Movies
    Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, and Selena Gomez Listed In 100 Sexiest List

    There comes a time when all child stars leave that awkward stage of limbo when they’re still young enough to be marketed towards kids yet old enough to start breaking out into more grownup ventures. And Disney’s three most popular starlets are no exception. The British version of FHM magazine recently named...

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