Teen Stars Jade & Nikita Ramsey from “House of Anubis” – Exclusive Interview

Teen Stars Jade & Nikita Ramsey from “House of Anubis” – Exclusive Interview

BSCkids recently got the chance to sit down with teen stars, twins Nikita and Jade Ramsey. The pair currently are starring in the hit Nickelodeon drama, “House of Anubis.” I talked to them about living in L.A. working on the show, and spending time together.

English actress, Nikita, is currently starring as a recurring character on the second season of “House of Anubis.”  She also has several film credits to her name such as “The Myth of the American Sleepover” which won the Special Jury Award for Best Ensemble Cast at the SXSW Film Festival. She also starred with her sister in “All About Evil” in which they played a set of murderous twins. She will next be seen in ‘Silver Falls’ out 2012.

BSCkids: Nikita Ramsey

What is your favorite part about Los Angeles compared to living in England?

Los Angeles is like summer all year round. Its always sunny, hot and you can do lots outdoors – England is the opposite – rainy and cold – so the weather is a definite highlight. I have also become addicted to Frozen Yogurt – I LOVE IT!! So when I now go back to England I crave it badly!!! The movie theaters are also AMAZING in LA, there’s so many of them – mainstream and ones that play indie movies, which I love, so I get to see so many films – the small town I am from in England only has one movie theater that plays only a few of the major films released so again when I go back to England I really miss access to good films!!!

What can you tell us about your recurring role on House of Anubis?

I play Piper, Patricia’s twin sister…. who is the complete opposite. Piper has been studying at a special music academy, she is highly intelligent, presents herself well, is warm, polite, prim and proper. Although she does have a daring, confident attitude like Patricia, as she arrives at House of Anubis after running away from her Music academy school. Patricia and some of the girls try to hide her from the rest of the school, but mayhem occurs after Piper gets confused as Patricia on different occasions, as well as them using their ‘twin-likeness’ to their advantage to switch places. It was such a fun experience! I love working with Jade, and as a fan of the show too it was awesome to get written in this season. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, and it was an ammmazing time working with everyone on it.

Have you had any super awkward moments since becoming an actress?

Yes! I’d have to say all have involved singing. Singing is not a strong point of mine – I am terrible, probably tone deaf haha. But on a couple of occasions I have gone to auditions and after doing the acting part the casting director has asked me to sing. They don’t quite believe me when I try to explain how bad I am and told me just to give it a go…. you can guess their reaction when they hear what comes out of my mouth!!! Always super awkward!!!

What was your favorite scene to film in The Myth of the American Sleepover?

The scene in the locker room, with Scott (Brett Jacobsen) and Anna (Jade). Scott had come all the way to our freshman sleepover to find us, as he had a crush on one of us and felt compelled to come and tell us. Throughout the film he won’t reveal to us who it is, only saying he “likes both of us”. Anna is clearly the one who has feelings back, but when she goes to the bathroom, he reveals to my character it’s me he likes. The scene was full of tension, awkward moments, and real intimacy. I loved doing it as there was so much inner stuff to work with, and especially when Anna comes back out of the bathroom, the mood is so tense. It was such an enjoyable project to work on, everyone was so hardworking and passionate and I couldn’t be more proud to be involved with it. David Robert Mitchell the director and Adele Romanski the producer are incredible and the success of the film has been amazing.

Are there any celebrities you are dying to meet?

My top celebrity to meet would be Russell Brand – but now I can proudly say I have met him. One of my life long dreams accomplished haha! I LOVE him and when we met we had a good chat and I got a photo – IT WAS AMMAZZING! But I’d love to meet him again.

David Beckham though is next on the list!!! Pretty obvious why haha I am a BIG fan of his!!

I would love to hang out with Adele – she is hilarious in interviews and her laugh is infectious – she seems like a really cool person and so down to earth!

And everyone from Modern Family, particularly Sofia Vegara and Julie Bowen – that’s my favorite TV show by far! And I think id have a constant smile on my face or be in stitches of laughter if I got to chill with the funniest family on TV.


 English actress, Jade, is best known for playing Patricia Williamson on “House of Anubis” where she is later joined by her sister in season 2. Her film credits include “The Myth of the American Sleepover” which won the Special Jury Award for Best Ensemble Cast at the SXSW Film Festival. She also starred with her sister in “All About Evil” in which they played a set of murderous twins.  She also lent her British accent for various voice over jobs ‘The Seeker’, lead voice for the PC game ‘Agatha Christine: Evil Under The Sun’ and the short film ‘Baby Monitor’.  She will next be seen in ‘Silver Falls’ out 2012.

BSCkids: Jade Ramsey

What is the biggest difference between living in England and living in Los Angeles?

There are lot of differences, to be honest the most noticeable is the weather, England is always cloudy, rainy and pretty cold, even in summer you can’t really plan to go to the beach until the day as the weather is very changeable, whereas here in LA its always sunny, and the summers are boiling!!!!! Everything is open late here, and there is a huge variety of food in restaurants, whereas in England shops shut about 6pm and 4pm on a Sunday, so now when I go home to the UK I forget and try to go shopping in the evening, get there and realize everything is closed! But I do still LOVE England as that’s my home, and where I grew up. There are good things about it too. I love the fat chunky chips (you call them fries) they do at the fish and chip shops, they are amazing, and I do live British TV/Film, there is a really great dark sense of humour in Britain, and some awesome movies made. My favorite directors are Shane Meadows and Mike Leigh (both British) and they both have made some excellent movies- my favourites!!!! But yeah there is a huge difference, and more people in LA work out, and hike up things like Runyon, where in England people play more team games like football (soccer) – its HUGE in England.

Do you and your character, Patricia, from House of Anubis share any similarities?

Oooooo, I get asked this a lot, and at first I said no, we are nothing a like. But particularly through season 2, her character has changed, and I have brought more of myself to the role. Season 1 she was extremely angry and frustrated, her best friend had gone missing and no-one was listening to her, leading her to act out without thinking making rash decisions. I am more of a thinker, and usually over-think situations, which is very different to Patricia, however I am known to just act spontaneously like her. Both of us however are quite blunt, and say what we think, which I really like about the character, this season she is also funnier, I love her sarcastic, witty humor- its kinda like mine, so we are the same in that respect. I also love that she isn’t boy crazy like some of the other girls. At school I was like that too, I would obviously have crushes on boys but have never been obsessed to get a boyfriend. This season you will have seen her get caught up with a boy – Eddie, and some of the things she has said/done have not got her the right result, as she is a little awkward/shy revealing how much she likes him, again that’s like me too.

What has been your favorite role so far?

I absolutely loved working on “ALL ABOUT EVIL” directed by Joshua Grannell, it was an amazing role, me and my sister played killer twins, released from an asylum, it is a horror, and very gruesome and gory. We made our best friends on that movie, and got to film in San Francisco for nearly 5 weeks, the whole experience making the movie was one I’ll always remember as an amazing time in my life. However playing Patricia on House of Anubis, has also been an incredible experience for me, I never imagined being a series regular on a Nickelodeon show, so that in itself made me so excited when getting the role. Getting to go back to England and film in Liverpool, a city I had never visited before, has been the fun-nest time ever. The same crew from season 1 came back to film season 2, so all in all we have worked together for nearly 9 months, so are like a family. Patricia as a character to play is amazing, she’s so much fun, and this season I have had lost of different situations to deal with…her twin sister turning up at her school, dealing with the problems of being a twin, which was great, as being a twin myself, I understood what she was feeling, having her first real crush on a boy, the Sibuna mystery which could result in the death of her friend, so it has been an amazing time!!!! And I am very grateful for it.

What is your favorite thing about working with your twin sister Nikita?

I love it. We have always been close, best friends. So getting to work together has been amazing. When we had to film some of our scenes together, especially the one in the hallway when I first see her arrive at the school with her suitcase, we could NOT control our laughter. I don’t even know what was so funny (but often I would get into hysterics in takes and not be able to stop) this was even worse as now there were two of us!!!!!!! Fortunately we managed to stop when they started rolling!!! I also loved that her character Piper was the extreme opposite, as often on TV twins are presented as being the same person in 2 bodies, which they aren’t so I love how are characters have completely different personalities, interests etc. I love how she played Piper, as we are both far more similar to Patricia’s character, and rubbish at playing music (Piper is a music genius haha!!)

Are there any movies you are looking forward to seeing this year?

Ooooo I am excited for Project X, I recently saw the trailer, I also saw the trailer for Hunger Games, I never read the books, but it looks really great!!!!!


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