Lightning McQueen Alive by Mattel Cars 2 Toy Preview w/video

Lightning McQueen Alive by Mattel Cars 2 Toy Preview w/video

Lightning McQueen Alive

We are both worn out from two days of Toy Fair 2011 but this news could just not wait.  I was able to attend the Disney Reveal event at Chelsea Pier today and have to report on the coolest new toy coming out in the Disney-Paxar Cars 2 toy line which will include over 300 toys.  Mattel has introduced a Lightning McQueen Toy that will moves his eyes, shrug his shoulders and actually move his mouth to speak just like the digital Lightning McQueen does in the movie. 

During the introduction, I could not understand what they meant by ‘bringing McQueen to life.  We have all seen the very robotic like movements that some talking toys have, how could it be different?  Then a short video clip of the actual car was shown, I thought ok they’re Disney of course they can make it look like that on TV, but after seeing it up close and in person, I was amazed that something that could once only be done with special effects can now be seen in the palm of your hand.  Lightning McQueen Alive is a toy that is going to take the world by storm and one that you need to see to believe.

We have some video that I was able to shoot during the event with my point and shoot, so don’t go looking for super high quality, but you will be amazed regardless.  Stay tuned for another piece on this event, we just need to rest tonight.

McQueen Alive! Manufacturer: Mattel SRP: $59.99 Retailers: Mass retailers Available: Fall 2011 With a simple touch sensor, everyone’s favorite Cars racer comes to life with Lightning McQueen Alive. Featuring never before seen innovation in 1:55 scale, Lightning McQueen Alive packs big personality in a small package utilizing cutting-edge micro technology. Ready to interact with kids and collectors, Lightning McQueen can drive around all by himself, both forwards backwards and complete 360s. He can move his eyes, shrug his shoulders and his lifelike moving mouth captures all the on-screen magic as Lightning McQueen Alive says his signature phrases. When Lightning McQueen needs to refuel after a long day’s play, simply place him back on the included gas station charger to refresh his batteries.

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