A Really Haunted Loud House Gets Spooky With Martin Fajardo

If you give away toothbrushes at Halloween bad things are bound to happen as we see in A Really Haunted Loud House. It seems that Lincoln and Clyde decide to skip the Loud family Halloween Spooktacular to try and fit in with the new cool kid at school, but things go a little off the rails as the party goers decide to attack the Loud House. This means that the Loud family, as well as Clyde will have to work together to repel the attackers that will eventually end in a huge standoff in the town’s junkyard. Not only that, but Lynn Loud Sr. is dealing with his own issues as he tries to avoid being tracked down by teenage werewolf hunters.

The Trailer for A Really Haunted Loud House has us amped up to tune in on September 28th on Nickelodeon and Paramount+ to see if Martin Fajardo’s mob or the Loud Family can take back Halloween. It does say that there will be some supernatural twists as well, so who knows what really goes bump in the night.

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Get ready for a hauntingly loud Halloween adventure! Join Lincoln, Clyde, and the entire Loud family as they take on a night of frights, pranks, and supernatural twists. Stream A Really Haunted Loud House on September 28 on Paramount+.

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