THE OWL HOUSE – Key Art. (Disney)

The new episode of The Owl House is “Clouds On The Horizon” and it will premiere on May 21st on Disney Channel. As we get to the end of the season these synopses are getting shorter and vague, which makes sense so let’s talk about how everyone on the Isles is getting prepared for this disastrous Day of Unity. We know that Raine is involved and it seems like he will be able to attempt to keep Luz and Eda (and family) safe, but if this Day of Unity goes off as planned, all bets are off. We also learned that Darius is helping Raine and the team put a stop to the draining spell and the Day of Unity. The coolest part of this though is that Luz now has some palistrom wood and we really want to see what she is going to carve. Plus bringing back Steve was genius and we are hopeful to see him play a bigger part of the story. Plus how is King being a titan going to work into the overall story here, that is something we just can’t figure out yet.

Looking forward to The Owl House episode “Clouds On The Horizon” as the season winds down.

AIR DATE: 05/21/2022
The Owl House
Everyone on the Isles prepares to celebrate the Day of Unity.

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