Amphibia “The Hardest Thing” And It Is Over

Amphibia is over. This is it. We have 29 more glorious minutes of Amphibia left and a few questions to get answered. So based on what we have seen in the promo “The Core” is not going to go away lightly, as it was able to sneak away during the battle, and it will use the artificial red moon, to destroy Amphibia we assume? We also see what we think is Marcy and Sasha also getting some gem power, so will they all need to come together to stop “The Core” and the plan.

So let’s get to some crazy theories here and see what happens to come true. Anne’s journey comes to an end, does this mean that Anne is back on Earth and can no longer visit Amphibia? Will she be able to talk to the Plantars again? We feel like this would be a rough time as they have grown so close, maybe with the moon coming to destroy Amphibia they have to all go to Earth, wouldn’t that be something. Will Andrias repent and help them fight “The Core” from the inside? Will Marcy still move? How will the girls remain friends? You know they were able to go to Amphibia with the portal that was created from Earth so is that a possibility if the music box is destroyed. There is a lot to wrap up here.

After it is all over, Matt should expect and open letter to where this series ranks and our feelings overall about Amphibia. Make sure to tune into one of the best days of animated television of the year, when “The Hardest Thing” airs on Disney Channel May 14th.

Saturday, May 14
Series Finale – Extended Length Episode Premiere on Disney Channel
Amphibia “The Hardest Thing”
(8:00-8:30 p.m. EDT)
Anne’s journey comes to an end.

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