The Casagrandes “Skaters Gonna Hate” Guest Starring Tony Hawk

Tonight on Nickelodeon we get a new episode of The Casagrandes featuring skateboard legend Tony Hawk guest starring as himself as the coach of Ronnie Anne’s rival skate team. It seems that he used to skate with Carlos in his earlier days and Carlos may think that there was some foul play back in their younger years. Ronnie Anne and her friends will ask Carlos to help coach them as they compete in a skate off with Tony Hawk’s team.

You can watch a clip of the The Casagrandes episode and make sure to tune in. We love seeing Tony Hawk play himself as he is such a great skater.

Hawk’s character of the same name, world-famous, pro-skater Tony Hawk, is now the coach of Ronnie Anne’s rival skate team, but back in the day he used to skate with Carlos X (Tio Carlos’s nickname from his skater days)! Even though Carlos is clearly threatened by the skate-star, believing that Hawk sabotaged him years ago, Tony is a good-natured, team player who plays by the rules.

Emmy Award-winning The Casagrandes tells the story of Ronnie Anne, who moves to the city with her mom and older brother to live with their big, loving family, the Casagrandes. A spinoff of The Loud House, the series showcases the culture, humor, and love that’s part of growing up in a multigenerational Mexican-American family. The series is executive produced by Michael Rubiner. Miguel Puga serves as co-executive producer, with award-winning cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz as consulting producer and cultural consultant.

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