Amelie Anstett Talks Chicken Girls – Exclusive Interview

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Amelie Anstett talks with BSCKids about her role on Chicken Girls (Brat TV) as well as her modeling work and her dance career. She is such a delight and we loved to hear all of her answers, especially that there is more Justin Bieber in there than we would have thought.

Palm City native, Amelie Anstett, has landed a life-changing role, Sadie, “TK’s Girlfriend” on Brat’s hit teen series “Chicken Girls.” She stars alongside teen sensations Annie LeBlanc, Hayden Summerall, and many other famous talents like TikTok phenomenon Avani Gregg, Indiana Massara, and more.

BSCKids: Amelie, tell us how you got the role of Sadie on Chicken Girls? How was the audition process?

Amelie Anstett: The audition process for my role of “Sadie” was actually a super fun story. I auditioned for “Chicken Girls” with a self-tape that was super last minute because I had just landed in Spain. It was honestly not my best self-tape at all, but I tried my best with the short amount of time, submitted it, and hoped for the best. About a week later I got a call saying I booked the role, (I was actually in London on Thanksgiving eating dinner when I got the call) I cannot even begin to express my level of excitement when I found out I booked the role. Just about four days later, I flew to LA to begin shooting, and the rest is history.

Do you feel like you have anything in common with your character?

Other than her confidence and outgoingness, my character “Sadie” and I really don’t share a lot in common in real life at all. But getting to play a mean girl is honestly so fun because it is so different from who I am in real life. I’ve known and seen some mean girls in action throughout my life. I’ve always wondered how they must have felt inside to be able to be so cold etc…so it took a little bit of studying a mean girl (watched movies like “Mean Girls” etc…) and really take the time to create that character inside of me so that I could instantly bring it out when the director said, “ACTION!”

With all the star and social media power of the cast, what has been your favorite thing that has happened offset that you would like to share?

I am so beyond grateful to be a part of such an amazing cast with such incredible individuals. I think my favorite thing that happened offset would be going to dinner with all of them, and small get-togethers, meeting all of our families, after all the fun days on set we would have together.

What would you say has been your favorite season of Chicken Girls to watch from 1-5 and why?

“Chicken Girls” is such a fun show for people of all ages and stages of life to get an inside look at the high-school life. My favorite season out of the 1-5 to watch would probably be season five because it was really interesting and gave me an amazing background of the show. This season (season six) is definitely next level.

Besides your fellow cast members, who else do you like to follow on social media?

Social media is so cool because I get to keep in touch with my friends and follow along some of my idols and role models journeys. Of course, the Biebs, is one of my top people to follow, he has a lot of fun content, and also inspirational content he shares, so I like his mix. Reese Witherspoon is one of my favorite female role models to follow, especially in this industry. She is such an inspiration to me, having gotten into acting at a similar age, coming from the south, she acted and successfully got her college degree, and now has created so many platforms for herself, that she inspires me daily. I also like to laugh a lot, so I follow a lot of fun meme and joke accounts. Lastly, of course, I follow so many amazing artists my age that continue to inspire me to do what I do.

What is your favorite Instagram post on your account, and why?

Oh gosh, that’s a tough one to answer because I love posting and sharing things with my friends and fans. A lot of the stuff I always try to spread a positive, uplifting message.

How much fun did you have modeling the Totto Brand’s Exclusive Sebastian Yatra Line? Tell us how that went.

Working on the campaign with Sebastian Yatra was a surreal experience, and getting to be one of the faces of the campaign was so exciting. At first, I was a little nervous because Sebastian is such a big name and has worked with the Jonas Brothers and more, so I wasn’t sure how he was going to be, but he immediately started to talk to all of us like we were his buddies, like we had been friends a long time, like he was just like us. I was blown away, by his kindness and by the way the entire staff and crew treated everybody. One of the friendliest sets I’ve ever been on. I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to support Yatra and help bring his creations to life, Tottobrand’s, and Yatra’s passion. To create a line for people of all ages to enjoy and to bring such vibrant and eclectic designs to the world is remarkable.

If you had to pick only one of your dance videos for someone to watch, which one would it be and why?

As a dancer, I love posting videos of me performing all different styles of dance, and I am so grateful to get to pursue all of the different styles of dance. Choosing only one favorite video is nearly impossible, haha. However, my video dancing with Justin Bieber would probably be my top pick because that is the moment that changed my life and helped me find my path and passion.

Tell us something people would be surprised to know about you?

Most people would be surprised to know the backstory of my name, “Amelie.” I was named after the 2001 Romantic French German Comedy, “Amélie.” My parents have been quoted as saying they felt the movie had great energy and loved the storyline and knew that I needed to be given a special name, so they chose Amelie. Most people don’t know that I am half Latin and that my father is actually from Hawaii. I absolutely love the originality of my name, and love that it goes with my motto, “Be Original.”

If you could guest star on any television show past or present, which one would it be and why?

Ooo, this is a fun question, there are honestly so many different shows I would love to guest star on. However, if I had to choose one, in particular, it would probably be “Grey’s Anatomy” because I absolutely love the storyline and the drama behind hooking the audience in. I think it would be so cool to try out that style of acting.

Why should everyone tune in to watch Season 6 of Chicken Girls?

“Chicken Girls” season six is a crazy one (in a good way lol). It has so many new elements and twists compared to other seasons. It also addresses a lot of different issues and situations that many teens and young kids might be going through as well. Like eating disorders, getting involved with people that are bad influences, and situations that we all go through or will at some point in our lives. Addressing right from wrong, lying to your parents, or just the normal romantic feelings and relationships teens go through. It is a great avenue for our generation to know that they are not alone, especially right now, during a time where so much is changing for us and our world. It is very important for our generation and people, in general, to know they are not alone. I think when fans see these characters that they adore, go through all of these trials and tribulations, it really helps the fans be able to relate better to our characters and feel a connection to the characters.

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