Season 4 of The Dragon Prince On Netflix

The Dragon Prince has been a great epic fantasy show that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults and we are getting ready to see season 4, “Mystery Of Aaravos” which will air in November of 2022. It seems we are going to have a small time jump as we get into this season and we do know that Aaravos will be involved in the story in a more direct way.

Hopefully that means that The Dragon Prince will be answering some of our questions about Aaravos answered this season and it is worrisome that we see this cocoon. Also, there are two graphic novels that you can read, and they are canon, while we wait for the next season and we also expect to learn a little more at the upcoming Comic Con also. This has been such a great animated series and really fits right in with the adult series that are going on at this time, giving the whole family a fantasy show to watch together. Do not discount the fact that this one is animated, it has a wonderful story going on.

Everything has been building to this….
Return to the saga with Season 4 of The Dragon Prince—coming to Netflix this November!

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