Best In Snow Coming To Disney+

We love competition shows and Disney+ is bringing us something new this year in time for the holiday season with Best in Snow. This holiday special will have teams from around the world competing in a magical snowy village called the Snowdome as they carve out huge snow blocks. The show will be hosted by Tituss Burgess, as Mayor Frostifer von Fjord, and will have musical performances from Tituss, Kermit the Frog and DCappella.

The best part of Best in Snow is that they will have access to all the Disney IP like Pixar, Marvel, Walt Disney Animation, Walt Disney Studios and The Muppets Studio which means we will get carvings from Moana, Coco and The Lion King and many more.

“Best in Snow”

Coming This Holiday Season to Disney+ (Six West Media and Milojo Productions)

“Best in Snow” is a festive holiday special, hosted by Tituss Burgess, featuring teams from around the world transported to a magical snowy village, Snowdome, and thrown into a spirited competition to compete for the title of Best in Snow. With the help of Snowdome’s finest carvers, teams will transform their 10-foot, 20-ton blocks of snow into beautiful creations inspired by Pixar, Marvel, Walt Disney Animation, Walt Disney Studios and The Muppets Studio. The teams will take family favorites such as Moana, Coco and The Lion King, and bring the characters to life in a way you’ve never seen before – in snow! Spectacular snow sculptures and lively musical performances from Tituss Burgess, Kermit the Frog and DCappella make this an action-packed winter event for the entire family.

Produced by Six West Media and Milojo Productions. Executive producers are Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos, Steve Ascher, Albert Bianchini, Allie Breslin, Jessica Conway, Josh Greenberg (and showrunner) and Tabitha Hanson-Obtulowicz. Michael Halpern is a producer, and the special was directed by Sam Wrench.

Cast includes Tituss Burgess as Mayor Frostifer von Fjord, Kermit the Frog and Disney’s DCapella as the Town Carolers.

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