Disney Drops “Kim Hushable” Shorts

My tendency to be completely ironic and seemingly foreshadowing things is actually kind of happen. It is weird.

If you might recall, back in summer 2015 I penned an article siting what ‘classic’ animated series should return. Naturally with the continued support, and admiration the series thrived on “Kim Possible” naturally made it into this list. There is always something to be said about there being such strong support by fans for a series years after the series has ended. The adventures of Team Possible had resonated deeply with fans who were craving more new and thrilling tales. And Disney delivered, in February of this year a long awaited live-action reboot of “Kim Possible” arrived on Disney Channel.

Even though I do count KP as a beloved series from days prolonged and talked about it more times than not. I admit that I have not ever fully or properly conveyed my thoughts on the film nor reviewed it.  To be honest; I really did not care for it. Please, no pitch forks! This is not going to be a long rant about ‘how my childhood was ruined, etc.’. I just did not care for it on a narrative level. I enjoyed the casting, and understood the limitations of the transitions of mediums and budget at hand. My issues were very strictly on a narrative aspect- and the removal of cheerleading did bother me.

Again, not a rant or anything of the like. I just feel like I need to just disclose this so my mindset on the new content has context to it. If there is a desire for a review I have no issues obliging.

Back on point: despite there having been a very strong and split response on the film. Fans on both stance have all been questing if we will continue to see more new “Kim Possible” stories in any type of medium. And considering the film had really good stats, and the trend of Disney adding sequels to their more popular DCOMs- not a stretch.

It is very understandable that we have yet to hear anything very concrete about any more Kim content. Disney is working on prompting some newer series, the final Descendants film is coming out late summer and Disney + streaming service is dropping at the end of the year. There is a lot going on just with this single aspect of the company, and no question a lot is being working on unknown to us.

With that said, about a week ago fans of Team Possible got a left-field surprise – a new short series on Disney Channel’s YouTube account, “Kim Husable”. (Can we appreciate the fact the second episode dropped two days after the seventeenth anniversary of the original series! )

Check them out for yourself:

At first all I could really think was just how weird this was. Why are we now all of a sudden getting this new content, and just how much can we expect to see? The latter has no clear answer. The episodes are dropping each Sunday, and honestly that is all we have to run off.

The plot in itself is odd. It is always very interesting to see any type of story being very confined to using very limited resources; setting and characters. In a way that means you have to have a very strong story and focus deeply on the characters and interactions to sell it. But at the same time I struggle to understand just why they are using a library as their core setting. Yes, it brings in and plays off the high school element that is massive to the series. But Kim, Ron and Athena spending their spring break volunteering at the school library. Um, okay?

Even though it feels slightly more grounded, and reliable. Kim Possible was always a series that tended to make the mundane feel more extreme, exciting and thrilling. Just think how many battles went down at Middleton High?

This comes across as being a little more watered down, and even awkward. Yes, you cannot expect things to be just like they were in the original and there are things you cannot do when you change mediums. I will credit the fact that we can see very clearly how well the cast has come into their roles and dynamics. To me that is where the shorts make up for their short comings.

But there is still some frustration in this. Mostly because we have no real context in this. Are all the shorts just going to be kid-Drakken trying to acquire MacGuffins? Just how many can one library have – and I just probably jinxed it.

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