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  • Animated Shows
    Rugrats Revival Hits Paramount +

    Just what more can you do with Rugrats? This was the first statement that came to mind when it was announced that a new animated revival of Nickelodeon’s staple animated series Rugratswas first announced. Over the years we have seen an endless array of beloved series return to our screens. We have...

  • Animated Shows
    Thank You, DuckTales

    Since 2017 fans new and old alike have dived head first into Scrooge McDuck’s money bin as we have watched the story of a family once torn apart reunited as they traveled the world in the name of adventure. From hidden family secrets resurfacing, solving mysteries, facing danger and rewriting history. We...

  • Animated Shows
    DuckTales Continues in Podcast Form

    Fans, including that of myself, have been feeling the weight of the looming end of Disney’s hit reboot, DuckTales ending since it was formally announced at the end of last year. I have praised the series time and time again- so I will not continue on with that. Yet knowing the final chapter...

  • Animated Shows
    Fright Back! Monster High Haunts Back

    It definitely feels like forever since we got any major news that was this thrilling. And does it feel great. By this point it’s safe to assume that reboots, remakes or whatever you want to call them are seemingly indefinite and permanent regardless if we love them or hate them. Time has...

  • Animated Shows
    Just Who is Carmen?

    Is Carmen Sandiego good, or bad? There are endless ways someone, fictional or not, can be defined within the broad categories of being ‘bad’ or ‘good’. Their words, thoughts, actions are major points that allow the viewer, along with other characters to gain an understanding of someone before them. And thus make...

  • Animated Shows
    Ella Fills Us In On The Disney And Pixar Announcements

    While our timing didn’t match up, we have Ella giving her thoughts on bunches of the newly announced Disney shows and movies below. You can take a look at some of our thoughts before delving into Ella’s with Let’s Talk Walt Disney Television Studios Announcements and Let’s Talk Walt Disney Studios Announcements...

  • Animated Shows
    DuckTales On Disney XD – Once And For All

    Now that DuckTales has told us this is going to be the end, both Ella and myself had some thought on how we thought the series went, what we would wish for, and how we might take a look at any new spin-off series. Ella: DuckTales Concludes With Third Season ‘Life is...

  • Animated Shows
    Darkwing Returns?

    Over the years I have talked a lot, and I do mean a lot about reboots and revivals. From series, I not so secretly hoped would come to pass, announcements and even going ahead and reviewing new chapters of believed tales. Sometimes these instances are met with clear and total delight, other...

  • Movies
    Secret Society of Second-Born Royals Review

    I believe we can all agree, Disney has been going through a bit of a shift both in their animation and live-action mediums and changing expectations. Even a matter of years ago Disney might not have green-lit now major hits like ‘Owl House’ or ‘Big City Greens’. As it has been said,...

  • Online Shows
    Unexpectedly Reliable, Julie and the Phantoms Review

    Arguably the most known and noteworthy DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movies) is a little film trilogy known as ‘High School Musical’. For its generations, and one’s following this movie proves to still be highly relevant as it adores musical playlists and even sparked an interest in musical theater for many. The only...

  • Animated Shows
    Healin’ Good PreCure – Episode 15

    ‘Our First Fight…Nodoka and Rabirin Grow Apart’ Following the trend of having some lighter episodes that help flesh out characters and their dynamics, this week we refocus on the partnership of our lead Cure and fairy partner. And it might be the weakest one of the three we have gotten since the...

  • Animated Shows
    Healin’ Good PreCure- Episode 14 Review

    Energy Source! Sukoyaka Festival! There are typically two types of ‘filler’ episodes with PreCure. Episodes that explore small side-plots, and ones that focus in on the characters, their relationships and development. Last week was all about Hinata’s growing insecurities and frustration with her lack of results. This week feels like the former-...

  • Animated Shows
    Healin’ Good PreCure- Episode 13 Review

     Following last week’s, somewhat expected and surprising, news that anime streamer Crunchyroll would begin streaming the seventeenth series in the long running ‘PreCure’ franchise, “Healin’ Good PreCure’. Fans much like myself wondered how CR would go about handing the series. Following the series’ typical pace, ‘Healin’ Good PreCure’ began it’s Japanese broadcast...

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