• Interviews
    Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Alex Ferris Interview

    BSCKids was lucky enough to do a short phone interview with Alex Ferris, who plays Collin Lee in the film adaptation of Diary of a Wimpy Kid that comes to theaters March 19th 2010.  Damon:  So can you tell me a little bit about your character in the movie? Alex Ferris:  Yes, I...

  • TV Shows
    Emily Osment Guest Stars on Kick Buttowski-Suburban Daredevil – Promo Pictures

    Emily Osment will be guest starring on a new episode of Kick Buttowski-Suburban Daredevil which is titled “Snowpocalypse”.  For all of those people that do not know, Emily is an American teen actress and singer-songwriter who is probably best know for her role as Lilly Truscott on Hannah Montana.  I do not...

  • TV Shows
    Justin Bieber can walk you down the Orange Carpet at the Kids’ Choice Awards

    Nickelodeon has a new contest where “one winner and a pal (and a guardian for each of you -that’s 4 people!)” will receive a awesome Kids’ Choice Awards Sweepstakes Prize.  You can sign up here, and make sure to read the official rules, it looks like the sweepstakes will end on 3/10/10...

  • Books
    Selena Gomez gets Top Teen Magazine Cover

    Top Teen is a magazine from Mexico I believe.  It is owned and operated by Editorial Armonia who publishes 12 monthly magazines that are targeted to women, children and family.  Top Teen has a bunch of pages dedicated to Selena and you can take a look at the scanned cover. It is always so nice to see Selena...

  • TV Shows
    Wizards of Waverly Place – Detention Election – Promo Pictures

    I am back on the Wizards of Waverly Place vibe after catching up and watching “Positive Alex” on the DVR last week.  I just wonder what they are going to do after Justin leaves high school, but for now we have “Detention Election” the new episode of Wizards of Waverly Place. You...

  • Books
    David Archuleta Chords of Strength Cover Art

    I am an admitted fan follower of American Idol and catch every single DVR’d minute of the show after my husband falls asleep.  Well good news to Idol fans and book readers, oh and those fans of David Archuleta.  We have the cover art for the May 4th release (you can pre-order)...

  • Books
    Kid Faves – The Bad News Bears by Jessica Bendinger

    My favorite film from childhood was definitely The Bad News Bears. Tatum O’Neal and all the scruffy outsider kids on that little league team made me feel like anything was possible, even if I didn’t have a life that fit the mold or looked “normal” to other people. It was so life-changing...

  • Toys
    Chicco – Toy Fair 2010

    Chicco was one of the last walk-throughs that we did when we went to Toy Fair, so I may have missed a few things. What I wanted to do is touch on some of the items that they were showing that caught my eye. Chicco is a well known name in gear...

  • Music
    Justin Bieber “Baby” Video with Ludacris!

      After bringing you the behind-the-scenes look and the Valentine’s Day performance of his “Baby” earlier this week, we now have the official video for Justin Bieber’s song featuring Ludacris! The girl you see – I think – is Jasmine Villegas. If you remember, in that behind-the-scenes spot, Drake showed up, and...

  • Toys
    Loopz Game – Mattel – Toy Fair 2010

    Loopz is a slick updated version of Simon Says and is one of the games at Toy Fair I wish I had the opportunity to actually play a full game of.  You use your hands and motion them through the rings to activate the sensors to play.  I was only able to watch...

  • Toys
    Hot Wheels R/C Stealth Rides – Mattel – Toy Fair 2010

    BSCKids got the invite to have a tour of the new products coming from Mattel and I wanted to let everyone know the toy that I am most excited about.  It is the Hot Wheel R/C Stealth Rides.  As it is I have gone through small R/C car after car with my...

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