• Movies
    Miley Cyrus Interview on Ryan Seacrest Show

    On June 10th, 2010 Miley Cyrus got a chance to sit down with Ryan Seacrest and talk about her mother, her trip to Europe, how provocative her new video is; “Can’t Be Tamed”, her new album, Lady Gaga, Liam, how it feels like to work with Disney, and Glee among other things....

  • Reviews
    Rush Hour for the iPhone – iTouch – iPad – Review

    I was just introduced to the fact that Thinkfun has a Rush Hour app for the iPhone/Touch/Pad family.  Now as you know we love Thinkfun games, well because they are fun and make you think, big surprise that a company name actually makes perfect marketing sense.  Well before I went to the...

  • Music
    Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” Cover Art

    Justin Bieber’s newest single Never Say Never” featuring Jaden Smith, the star of the remake of Karate Kid(which will be featured in the movies sound track) has been released. I do not think that the single’s cover looks very typical. I think they put too much focus on Justin Bieber’s photo over...

  • TV Shows
    Disney Channel Suite Life on Deck BreakUp in Paris promo video

    So there is a promo of the Breakup in Paris episode of Suite Life on Deck on the Disney Channel below.  Remember we also have a promo picture of the episode as well.  The episode will air on June 18th and it is the Season Finale.  I do not remember but have...

  • Books
    A Wizard Alone by Diane Duane – Review

    Eleven-year-old Darryl is many things for being one so young.  He is a wizard undergoing an interminable Ordeal against the Satanic Lone One.  He is an abdal or Pillar, from whom power flows for all the other wizards of Earth, like from out of a reservoir or a well.  He is a...

  • Books
    Justin Bieber on Seventeen Magazine Cover

    Obviously if you get Justin Bieber on the cover of your magazine you can make it a special collector’s issue.  Well the issue of Seventeen Magazine is filled up with all sorts of Justin Bieber fun, plus it seems you can even win tickets to see Justin in concert.  Put that with some...

  • Fashion
    Adidas Toy Story 3 sneaker designs

    Adidas and Pixar have teamed up to release some Toy Story 3 sneakers, which we all know will fly off the shelf when they are put in the stores.  For me personally, I am partial to the Woody design and wish they would make a size 11 and 1/2 and I would be quite content...

  • Movies
    Kung Fu Panda: The Kaboom of Doom Cast List

    Over at IMDB they have a list of the voice actors for Kung Fu Panda: The Kaboom of Doom which is set to release to theaters on May 27, 2011.  Obviously the first movie had a star filled cast of voice actors, but I am real excited to see Jean-Claude Van Damme...

  • TV Shows
    Wizards of Waverly Place Renewed For 4th Season & New Movie

    For all of you Wizards of Waverly Place fans, you have good news to hear about. Disney has signed them on for a 4th season. Meaning that you will see more of them playing with magic and get lots of laughter at the same time. I am happy that they will have...

  • TV Shows
    Disney Channel Suite Life on Deck promo picture

    Disney has finally released a new picture from Suite Life on Deck and based on the Eiffel Tower in the background I am going to assume it is from the ‘Breakup in Paris’ episode.  While it is well known that Suite Life is not my favorite Disney Channel show I think I...

  • Books
    ‘The Secret to Happiness’ by Doug Richards – Guest Post

    “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” —Aristotle Wow!  The meaning and the purpose of life?  Was Aristotle exaggerating the importance of happiness?  Maybe.  But there’s no denying happiness is very, very important.  After all, the framers of the Declaration of Independence...

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