• Toys
    New Breeds for Douglas Company

    Two things that go great together, and no it is not chocolate and peanut-butter . . . Douglas Toys and plush dogs.  They are introducing some new breeds like the Greyhound and Bernese Mountain Dog among others.  It is a tough call for me because I really love the Bernese in real...

  • Electronics
    Kids on Vacation – How I protect my Ipad with Speck Cases

      So after having a wonderful time with my iPod Touch, I knew I was going to need an iPad when they arrived.  I wanted to bring it on vacation so that I would also have something for the kids to use at the hotel and in the car.  After dropping a...

  • TV Shows
    What Emily Osment learned from Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus

      Emily Osment speaks about what she learned from Miley Cyrus and the rest of the cast over at Hannah Montana.  She has jokes also, about Miley Cyrus teaching her “nothing”, but we get the scoop on each of the cast memebers of the show.  From Miley she looked about hard work, from...

  • Music
    Selena Gomez top spot with Round and Round

    Selena Gomez and The Scene keep the number one spot on Radio Disney after taking it last week.  The top five spots are rounded out with Carrie Underwood (Undo It), Allstar Weekend (Dance Forever), Taio Cruz (Dynamite), and Miley Cyrus (Ordinary Girl). I am glad that Selena got to take the top...

  • Music
    David Archuleta’s New Music Video – Something ‘Bout Love

      Former American Idol contestant David Archuleta is back with an upcoming new album The Other Side of Down released his first single off it recently. Now, his music video for Something ‘Bout Love has been released! His album’s release date is set for October 5th! David Archuleta has been saying that...

  • TV Shows
    Disney Channel Suite Life on Deck still sailing

    Disney Channel Suite Life on Deck is still above water.  It seems that we were not the only ones reporting that the show would be in its final season based off a Debby Ryan tweet.  Thanks to a commenter and confirming over at Just Jared Jr. we can say sometimes a tweet can...

  • Giveaways
    Shop Til You Rock Prize Pack Giveaway

      Just got word over email that we will be hosting a Shop Til You Rock contest here at the site until August 28th.  An autographed T-shirt is just awesome and that is only part of the prize pack. The prize pack includes the following goodness: Demi Lovato Autographed T-shirt Free download...

  • Music
    Selena Gomez Secret Track List

      We’ve found a rumor on the Internet about Selena Gomez’s track list for her latest album, “A Year Without Rain“.  The album won’t release until September 28, but supposedly it will feature these tracks: 1. Round And Round 2. A Year Without Rain 3.  Off  The Chain ft Miley Cyrus 4. ...

  • TV Shows
    Mitchel Musso back on Hannah Montana Forever with Miley Cyrus – promo pictures

    We reported that Michel Musso would be back to Hannah Montana Forever and now we have some promo pictures of him in the  “It’s The End of The Jake As We Know It” episode playing Oliver.  I am glad to see the Oliver character back as I liked the interaction between the three characters. ...

  • TV Shows
    Sheryl Crow on Hannah Montana Forever with Miley Cyrus – Promo Pictures

      We gave you the news that Sheryl Crow would be in an episode of Hannah Montana and now we bring you a few more pictures from the episode.  There were actually a ton of pictures from the  “It’s The End of The Jake As We Know It” episode so we will be...

  • TV Shows
    Confirmed! “Suite Life On Deck” Last Season!

    The Disney Channel’s “Suite Life On Deck” star Debby Ryan loves Twitter, and her recent tweets have confirmed that the series in ending.  It’s been rumored for a while, based on hints from Dylan and Cole Sprouse, but now one of the shows stars has told the world point blank.  On Sunday...

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