• Toys
    Order’s Up! – Gamewright – Review

    This was one of those games we have been waiting for with anticipation since Toy Fair 2010.  My wife put a whipping on me when we demoed the game while at the show, I needed some payback, and I would get my chance.  I also played with my 4- and 6-year-old, as I knew the...

  • Toys
    BabyLegs – Review

    While at this year’s NYIGF, my family was introduced to BabyLegs.  Kudos to their marketing people for being so friendly and informative on the product:  they made us fans before we even got a chance to bring it home. We had the opportunity to see many different designs and patterns for the...

  • Fashion
    Justin Bieber Silly Bandz!

    Say it ain’t so.  Silly Bandz, the original silicone bracelet in all kinds of fun shapes, has announced a special edition Justin Bieber themed set.  That boy is everywhere!  Now tweens can declare their love for JB via purple bands that say “I ♥ JB” or a more abstract heart with a...

  • Charity
    Selena Gomez Prays for Pakistan

      Recently, Pakistan was hit by devastating floods.  1500 people have died and hundreds of thousands more are stranded, starving, or both.  1500 is about three elementary schools full of people, to give you an idea.  Pakistan is far away, and it’s easy to forget how people are suffering. Selena Gomez took...

  • Music
    Photo From Miley Cyrus’ “Who Owns My Heart” Music Video Set

      Good news for all of the Miley Cyrus fans out there! We have a photo from her set of her latest music video for Who Owns My Heart. The photo gives you a glance at what her video will look like and by all means, she is not slowing down from...

  • TV Shows
    Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana – Been Here All Along – Promo Pictures

    There are a ton of promo pictures for the Hannah Montana Been Here All Along Disney Channel episode with Miley Cyrus.  Make sure you check out all the pages of them below.  I think it is great to see the show honoring military families and we also get two new Hannah Montana songs...

  • TV Shows
    Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana Forever – Love That Let’s Go – Promo Pictures

    Some new pictures of Miley Cyrus and the cast of Hannah Montana Forever in the new episode Love That Let’s Go.  It seems that Lilly finally rides Miley’s horse Blue Jeans, but while on the ride he horse gets hurt after being bitten by a snake.  Based on the pictures it seems...

  • Toys
    Dandelion Pink for Baby Girls – Review

    I may have gotten ahead of myself when I requested these for review from Dandelion before my baby was even born last year after Toy Fair.  While I could review them I wanted to see what my baby thought about the product as well.  Now we are at the time when little...

  • Toys
    New Breeds for Douglas Company

    Two things that go great together, and no it is not chocolate and peanut-butter . . . Douglas Toys and plush dogs.  They are introducing some new breeds like the Greyhound and Bernese Mountain Dog among others.  It is a tough call for me because I really love the Bernese in real...

  • Electronics
    Kids on Vacation – How I protect my Ipad with Speck Cases

      So after having a wonderful time with my iPod Touch, I knew I was going to need an iPad when they arrived.  I wanted to bring it on vacation so that I would also have something for the kids to use at the hotel and in the car.  After dropping a...

  • TV Shows
    What Emily Osment learned from Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus

      Emily Osment speaks about what she learned from Miley Cyrus and the rest of the cast over at Hannah Montana.  She has jokes also, about Miley Cyrus teaching her “nothing”, but we get the scoop on each of the cast memebers of the show.  From Miley she looked about hard work, from...

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