Taylor Lautner Joins BBC Three Comedy Show “Cuckoo”


Taylor Lautner has reportedly signed on for the BBC Three comedy show “Cuckoo.” Taylor will star on the series alongside actor/comedians Greg Davies and Andy Samberg.

The show is about a family dealing with their daughter’s American husband (Andy Samberg) who she brings home after a trip overseas. Taylor is set to join the show for the second season.  Taylor has yet to confirm the news, so we’ll keep you posted when we know more about his role on the show!  Ditching the movies in favour of something a little different, the Twilight actor has apparently decided to try his hand at comedy on the BBC show Cuckoo, which is based around a family whose daughter brings home a rather tricky American fiance after heading off on her gap year.  The first series starred former Saturday Night Live comedian Andy Samberg and former Friends actress Helen Baxendale.

Actor Ben Winchell has been tapped to replace Taylor Lautner in the live-action Max Steel film.  The Twilight star signed on to play the superhero in 2009, but dropped out of the movie a year later.  or the Stretch Armstrong film. He later exited that project as well.  What do you think about this?  Will you be checking this out?

Source News:  Disney Dreaming

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