Ian Somerhalder: I Am Proud of ISF


Ian Somerhalder is so proud of what he has created with the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. He is currently planning what this year of 2014 will bring for him and his brand. However, he also reflected on just how lucky is he that he has the support and love to keep his passion going on. He implies that he is in awe over it still. Here is what he wrote on the subject matter today.

On the phone right now w/the @IS_Foundation aka #ISF Board of Directors strategizing 2014-WOW,you have NO idea how amazing they are.WOW.WOW. I’m so proud of this organization-you make @IS_Foundation aka #ISF POSSIBLE!Thank you the SOCIAL MEDIAVERSE of plant Earth-you’re amazing!!!

I am glad that he has found something that he loves. I hope that he keeps having success with it, especially since he has worked so hard to make it what it is. I can only assume that he put a lot of sweat into it, as much as he has put love to it. While that does pretty much explain his success with it, I just hope that he can find a way to keep true to his whole goal for it.

Are you proud of Ian Somerhalder’s foundation?

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