Cover Of Disney’s “Frozen” Song “Let It Go” By Alex Boye And The One Voice Children’s Choir


Alex Boyé released an “Africanized Tribal Cover” of the song “Let It Go” from Disney’s popular animated movie “Frozen.”

Alex teamed up with the One Voice Children’s Choir for the song, and the result is fabulous!  In addition to the cover of “Let It Go” being wonderful, the music video set and costumes are perfect!  The music video has gotten over 7 million views so far! Watch the awesome “Let It Go” cover below.  But this is not the only cover of Let It Go that has come out recently.  Back in August, the world was introduced to New York actress Christina Bianco, an Off Broadway staple who gained viral-video status with her incredible impressions of 19 different divas singing “Total Eclipse of the Heart” (5 million views and probably still counting).  Now Bianco is back with the same palette of divas singing a particularly different tune — one that you’ve probably not stopped singing since December. Performing “Let It Go” from Disney’s small indie arthouse drama Frozen, Bianco demonstrates once again why she is a truly distinguished maestra of impressions.

First, she offers a little Idina Menzel (the Tony-winning actress who served up a little slice of vibrato perfection on the original track).  Which cover of the song have you seen and enjoyed so far?

Source News: Disney Dreaming

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