Zendaya: Meeting Demi Lovato Was a Highlight of 2013


Zendaya has grown close to Demi Lovato in 2013, even calling her a mentor and almost sister. So it was kind of a shock to learn that two only met last year. Zendaya called it one of her best highlights of 2013. She called Demi an inspiration and has also shared that she provided her with some good tips on staying on the line when it came to her career. Here is what she wrote to go along with the photo of those two hanging out together.

#REPLAYing best moments of 2013-when I met a truly inspirational person…beautiful inside & out! @ddlovato ur turn!

I am glad that those two are close. They seem to be good friends for each other and Demi gave her solid advice. Maybe she can help Zendaya stay on the right path and not fall into the issues that so many other child stars have in the past before. That would be the best gift that could ever be given to Zendaya and I think we all know that just by seeing how many child stars have fallen far from their highest career points.

How do you feel about Zendaya and Demi Lovato being close?

image source: Zendaya – Twitter

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