Victoria Justice: I Am Filled with Gratitude


Victoria Justice had an interesting 2013 with her previous series ending, landing a new movie and TV show as well as doing new music projects. So she has a lot to be feeling grateful for. So she decided to share that with her fans by admitting that she felt very happy about where her life is. With music being recorded, new workout video projects and a return to acting, it is clear to see why she is happy. Here is what she wrote.

Going to bed with an attitude of gratitude :). Night guys! Love you all… Sleep safe & soundly wherever you are.

Hopefully this year will be just as good, if not better for Victoria. She has worked so hard to do what she loves and I feel like last year she got a lot of heat. Granted, rumors misreported by the media certainly didn’t help her out and only recently has she spoken up about it. So it is good to know that she still feels the love and support, even when people haven’t be so kind towards her.

Do you think 2014 will be a big year for Victoria Justice?

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