Liv And Maddie New Episode Promo “Switch A Rooney”


There will be a new episode of Liv and Maddie on Friday January 17 at 7:30 PM – 8:00 PM ET/PT called Switch-A-Rooney.”

When Liv is up for a big sci-fi movie role and Maddie has to take her driver’s test, the girls switch places for the day to help each other out.  This will be sure to lead to some hilarious consequences when the two switch roles for the day.  Wonder if the two will be able to keep their separate identities in check or fall out of character at the first sign of trouble.  The show focuses on Liv and Maddie played respectfully by Dove Cameron, they are twin sister who don’t have much in common.  Liv is a popular TV actress who just finished filming a hit show, and Maddie is an A+ student and school basketball star.  When Liv returns to their high school after filming.  Maddie feels like her sister is getting all of the attention at school.

Disney Channel star Dove Cameron has just been announced as the first to officially join the cast of the network’s new original movie, “Descendants.”   The young actress has nabbed the role of Mal, the daughter of the evil Maleficent from the classic tale of “Sleeping Beauty.”  What do you think about this?  Will you be tuning in?

Source News:  Teen Info Net

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